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高二教案 第712期

Language lessons (P4)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜
I. Warming up  
Do you enjoy learning English? If you had the chance to learn another foreign language in college, would you take it?
·Why should we learn a foreign language?
If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
·Why don’t we need to learn a foreign language?
There are various translation apps.

II. Understanding-fast reading
Read the passage quickly and find out the main idea of the passage.
Learning a foreign language can bring a lot of benefits to us, ranging from practical ones to cultural ones.

III. Understanding-detailed reading
Read the passage thoroughly, and answer the following questions.
1. What are some practical reasons for learning English?
Those who are _______(具备双语能力的) have a better chance in the job market. And science has ______that learning to speak more than one language can _____one’s brain to be stronger.
The concepts of “moderation” and “balance” are valued.

2. How do you understand “Language is the road map of a culture”?
By taking a look at the vocabulary and idioms of a language system, we get a glimpse (一瞥) at what’s held important in a certain culture.

3. What’s the relationship between learning a foreign language and understanding culture according to the passage?
• Language is the road map of a culture.
• By learning a foreign language, you also gain a better understanding of your own culture.
• And by opening our eyes to different cultures, we’re able to understand better how people grow up to be different from one another. We also learn to be more tolerant (宽容的) and respectful to the diversity of the world.

IV. Understanding-sentences
Understanding the following phrases and sentences.
1. the best explanations for
Explain   Explanation
(2017江苏) The disappearance of dinosaurs was not necessarily caused by astronomical incidents. However, alternative ________(explain) are hard to find.
2. dropped by 9 percent
•drop by减少了
•drop to 减少到
3. make an effort to learn
•make an effort to do= make every effort to do= make great efforts to do= spare no effort to do
4. moderation
moderate: adj. 适度的   Moderation
5. exclusively
include/ inclusive
exclude/exclusive/ exclusively
exclude= rule out
6. comparing Chinese idioms with those in English
compare A with B
those=the idioms
7. family-oriented ones we have in our language

V. Post-reading
In you opinion, is it necessary to learn a foreign language?

Secret of her smile (P6)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜
I. Warming up  
Do you think she is smiling or grimacing (愁眉苦脸)?
Can you describe the emotions on these people’s faces?

II. Understanding-fast reading
Read the passage quickly and find out its main idea.
How one interprets others’ facial expressions has a close relationship with one’s own mental state.

III. Understanding-detailed reading
1. What is “smiling for the camera” ?
•Putting on a ____of happiness that one doesn’t really feel.
2. What theory is the study based on?
• The scientists’ study is based on the theory that the brain is a ____________that looks to past experiences to know what to expect from the future.
3. What did the scientists discover?
• Scientists discovered that an image of a neutral expression was _____________be read as a smile or a grimace when it had been shown alongside a face with a smile or a grimace.
4. Can you explain the phenomenon?
• We are the _______of our own experience. Our brain makes predictions about what it expects to see and uses information from the world to _____its expectations.

IV. Understanding - words & phrases
1.renowned paintings
renowned= well-known
2. Interest in the sixteenth-century portrait … has always focused on one particular detail: her expression.
3. equivalent: something that has the same meaning
4. grimace: an expression you make by twisting your face because you do not like something or because you are feeling pain
5. perceptions: what you see sth
6. enigmatic: mysterious and difficult to understand

V. Post-reading
Retell the study to your partners.
the content?
the theory ?
the explanation?

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