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高一教案 第738期


Redefining heroism (P1)
吉林毓文中学  王荟娟

1. Do you know about Lei Feng or Bethune? What qualities do they have ?
2. Firangi Mallkah,the lead character of the Indian film Thugs of Hindostan, is a non-traditional hero.

Reading for main idea
What is the main idea of the passage?
Our preference for anti-heroes and the reason for our preference. 

Reading for structure
Para 1-2  We have a preference for anti-heroes.
Para 3-5  An example of anti-heroes.
Para 6-8  The reasons for the popularity of anti-heroes.
Reading for details
1. What are the differences between traditional and anti-traditional heroes?
Traditional heroes      Anti-traditional heroes
perfect from the beginning to the end  lack courage sometimes
never scared off      not always kind
never make wrong choices    not always make the right decisions
always show up in time to save the day

2. What is the movie about?
The film_____ 1795, when Hindostan was a British colony and anyone who tried to _________ the colonists _______ a thug. But a group of thugs ______ Khudabaksh Azaad keeps fighting and ________ a problem by the British. So they hire Firangi to kill Azaad. ________, Firangi is promised ________. Firangi is _____ . He wants a better life for himself and _________ to get it by betraying his own people. And yet Azaad and his mission ______ him. Finally – after a few __________ – Firangi decides to help Azaad to fight the British.

3. According to Lauren Martin, why do people like anti-traditional heroes?
Because they remind us of ourselves. Just like us, they have weaknesses , problems and mixed morals and don’t know how to behave correctly all the time.

Phrase Study
1.tend to
2.root for
3.be set in
4.in exchange
5.a good fortune
6.back and forths

1. We tend to root for what are called “anti-heroes” …
本句中what are called “anti-heroes” 位于_____后,作_________,what在从句中作______
We have a tendency to support anti-heroes.

2. ... and watching people perfect isn’t what we want to see.
本句中 watching people perfect在句中作____;what we want to see位于_______后,作_________,what 在从句中作_____
这句话可以理解为:Because nobody is perfect, we don't want to see people who are perfect.

Who are heroes to your mind? What is your definition of heroism?

Banksy stirs things up (P4-5)
江苏省江阴市第一中学    张瑞娟





What do you think of the painting?

Detailed reading
1. Why was the painting shredded?
Because the artist secretly fitted a shredder into the frame.
2. What does “Banksy-ed”mean?
Banksy-ed means to play a joke on the art world.
3. What does Banksy think of art in museums?
Banksy is strongly against “serious art”. Neither does he like it that one can only see art in museums.
4. Who is Banksy?
No one knows who he really is – except that he’s known by the name “Banksy”. It is not even sure whether he’s actually a “he”.

What’s your opinion of Banksy shredding the picture?

Language Focus
1. …this wasn’t the first time that the artist had played a joke on the art world.
It is the first time that sb has done sth.
It was the first time that sb had done sth.
It was the second time that she ________(sing) in public.
This is the first time that he __________(confront) an armed robber.

2. Neither does he like it that one can only see art in  museums.
4. But perhaps only in this way can Banksy keep doing his little mischievous experiments without being held responsible.

If Joe’s wife won’t go to the party,________.
A. he will either   B. neither will he
C. he neither will   D. either he will
Not until I got to my home town last night ______to sleep.
A. I did go    B. did I go
C. went I    D. I went

3. Banksy’s point here was that people can only tell that it’s art when it has a famous name attached to it.
attach sth to sth 将……附在……上
The have attached a number of conditions to the agreement.
attach importance to sth 重视
I attach great importance to this research.

4. And perhaps it is only in this way that Banksy can continue to “Banksy” the art world.
强调句型:It is /was +被强调部分+that/who….

My voice was so low that the shop owner had to bend down to hear_____I wanted to buy.
A. what there was   B. it was that
C. what it was that  D. what was that 
--Was it_____Stanley failed the driving test again ____made him depressed this morning?
A. that; which   B. which; that
C. which; which  D. that ;that

1. Write down your opinion of Banksy shredding the picture and share it with the class.
2. Review the key words and sentences in the passage.




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