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高一教案 第748期

Tests raise issue of liberal arts majors (P2)
河北师大附中  赵乃平

I. Lead-in
1. What is your ideal university?
2. What major do you like?
3. Are you a liberal arts student or sciences student?
4. Why did you make that choice?
5. What do you know about independent enrollment (自主招生) tests?
They are established by some famous universities to select high school graduates who have extraordinary innovation and practical ability.
Those who pass the tests will enjoy different preferential policies. Some universities have added 10-30 points admission.

II. Skimming 
Tests raise issue of liberal arts majors
Read through the article and summarize the its main idea.
1. Heated discussions have been aroused due to the new policies of some universities about ___________.
2. How does the writer develop the article?
The writer develops the article by presenting situations in _______ and ________.

III. Scanning 
In China
1. What choice do many Chinese high school students have to make?
They have to decide on their major, liberal arts or sciences.
2. What has made it difficult for some students to make the decision?
The cancellation of some independent enrollment tests for liberal arts.
In Wang Yidi’s eyes, why do many students choose not to study liberal arts?
3. In Wang Yidi’s eyes, why do many students choose not to study liberal arts?
Many people think that it is challenging for liberal arts students to find good jobs.
4. What will be the result of the practice of these universities?
There will probably be more unreasonable dislike about liberal arts.
5. According to Beijing Business Today, what has caused the tests to be canceled?
 The selection of liberal arts students is subjective, which makes it hard to assess the level of the skills and knowledge of candidates.
Few competitions are held for liberal arts students, making it difficult to compare their abilities.

In the US
1. Is the situation in the US different from or similar to that in China?
Many young US people now choose sciences over liberal arts.
Humanities graduates face challenges finding a good job.
2. According to HuffPost, what are the advantages of humanities majors?
Humanities majors encourage analysis, critical thinking, and a vast knowledge of various topics.
3. What’s the relationship between one’s major and his future life, according to HuffPost?
One’s life isn’t completely decided by one’s major.

IV. Deep thinking 
In your opinion, what is the relationship between interests, majors and career? What do you think of your major in high school?

V. Language focus
1. major
a. n.主修课程,专业
Physics was his major.
b. v.主修
I majored in English but now I major in French.
c. n. 主修学生;主修生
She’s a French major.
d. adj. 主要的;重要的;大的
Personally, there are several major reasons. 

2. … fall by about 45 percent
 fall by…  下降了……
 fall to…  下降到……

Prices could fall by 10 or 20 per cent – or even more.
During the next six months, Barclays predicts the euro could fall to $ 1.20.

3. it作形式宾语
Many people believe that liberal arts students find it difficult to find good jobs.
There are also few competitions for liberal arts students, making it difficult to compare their abilities.




1. 我觉得理解BBC英语并不难。
I don’t find it difficult to understand BBC English.
2. 他做了个规定,每周末全家人去看望孩子们的祖母。
He made it a rule that the whole family would call on the children’s grandmother every weekend.

When life gets tough, Brits fight back with a laugh (P4)
北京大学附属中学  杜泉滢

What words occur to you when you hear the phrase, “a sense of humor”?

I. Pre-reading
Brainstorm: Do you think a sense of humor has different meanings in different cultures?
What questions do you have about the headline?

Other questions:
Why do Brits laugh at the toughness of life?
What are some examples to support the headline?

II. While-reading
1. Main idea
The text mainly talks about how British people use humor as a way to relieve tension and face negativities, using examples of humor in famous TV series, Shakespeare’s plays, friendships, and historical events.
2. Focus on discourse structure

Overall structure

Understanding details
1. Why does the writer cite Winston Churchill at the beginning?
To introduce the topic of the article, which is: British people are willing to face unhappiness with humor.
2. What is the delusion and reality of the main character of The Office?
Delusion: he is loved by everyone.
Reality: everyone hates him.
3. What do people inside and outside the play do to the stupid characters in British plays?
Inside: people play tricks on the stupid character.
Outside: audience laugh away the tragedy.
4. How did the writer’s American friend feel when friends laughed at her?
She felt upset. (She found this sarcasm quite upsetting.)
5. How did the sense of humor help the British people in World War II?
It helped them get through the war.
6. Why does the author think it’s best to laugh off sarcasm?
From the quote “Laugh and the world laughs with you”, the author may think that it’s best to face difficulties with optimism.
We may not be able to change the circumstance, but we could change our way of perceiving the world.

Language Focus
1. This is definitely true of British comedy.
be true of: is the case for
2. British comedy draws a fine line between humor and tragedy.
draw a fine line between: make a very subtle (微小的) distinction between two things with a minor difference
3. This side of British humor is reflected in friendships as well.
is reflected in: can be seen from (the aspect of)
4. If you are ever on the receiving end of British sarcasm, you may feel like crying.
on the receiving end of: in the situation of recipient, especially of something unpleasant,
5. In World War II, along with a stiff upper lip, the British got through by laughing.
a stiff upper lip: the ability to remain calm during difficult situations.
get through: deal with a difficult situation

III. Post-reading: Discussion

According to the article, how would a British person react to this situation: When dining out, one friend says: “I can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t drink tea!”
A British person might think it is totally normal while other cultures may find this offensive.

Do you prefer the British style of humor or another style?
Possible answer: I feel that the British style of humor is harsh for those at the receiving end of sarcasm. I prefer self-sarcasm or joking without acting serious.

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