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初一教案 第661期


陈经纶嘉铭分校 王立群
Secrets inside of us (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know what DNA is ?
Do you think you might share DNA with people from other countries?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. What do we know about DNA?
a. Many people share the same DNA.
b. It is in every cell of our bodies.
c. It carries information about our genetic history.
d. DNA testing can’t tell us where our families come from.
A. ab       B. bd         C. ac   D. bc
2. The program DNA Learn _____.
A. collects DNA information
B. was made to fight against racism
C. helps schools teach science
D. helps students check their cheeks
3. Elianed Guzman learned that _____ through the DNA test.
A. she was born in Mexico
B. she is a native American
C. she shares DNA with Asian people
D. her DNA comes from most of the countries in the world
4. What do we know from the story?
A. DNA tests can remind us that we shouldn’t look down on any race.
B. Most students didn’t agree with the results of the DNA test.
C. The test results will be used in many other areas.
D. All of the students are from different parts of the world.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[collect, carry, share, realize]
1. In fact, many people don’t want to ____ their secrets with others.
2. Bees _____ nectar (花蜜) from flowers in spring and summer.
3. I ______ that living with a baby wasn’t always terrible
4. The snail _____ its house on its back.
IV. Post-reading
    The discovery (发现) of DNA has been called the most important biological discovery of the last 100 years. It has already had and will continue to have a huge influence (影响) on our lives.
Speaking is sometimes scary (P5)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like to speak in public? Why or why not?
Does your school often have speaking competitions?
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What does the sentence “It wasn’t a big deal” mean?
A. It wasn’t worth doing.
B. It wasn’t easy.
C. It wasn’t important.
D. It wasn’t fun.
2. What does the 2014 survey show?
A. Few people know how to speak in public.
B. Many people fear public speaking.
C. Some people don’t feel nervous speaking in public.
D. Americans are more scared of heights than insects.
3. Paragraph 3 mainly shows _____.
A. why the author doesn’t like public speaking
B. how the author got better at public speaking
C. how long presentations should last at school or college
D. what US schools do to improve students’ public speaking abilities
4. What is the author’s biggest worry about speaking in public?
A. The audience won’t like him.
B. The audience will laugh at him.
C. His speech won’t be meaningful.
D. He will be too nervous.
III. Words in use
1. In China, we don’t open gifts _________ (在……面前) those who give us the gifts.
2. Mary: Oh! The glass is broken!
 Dave: ____________ (没什么大不了的)! Let's go and clean it.
3. Things are going to _________ (结果是) fine.
IV. Post-reading
    The most important parts of a speech are the beginning and the end. Think about a strong first sentence that will capture (获得) the attention of the listener. Be calm and confident to show that you are well-prepared (精心准备的) and have something interesting to say. End with a strong sentence: make people laugh or give them something provocative (激发兴趣的) to think about.
Creating a loud sound (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know how sound is made?
What would the world be like without sound?
II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following can make the loudest sound underwater?
A. Earthquakes.     
B. Whales.
C. An X-ray laser hitting a small water jet.
D. A rocket launch.
2. When using an X-ray laser to hit a small water jet, _____.
A. the water jet changes its shape
B. the water around it vaporizes
C. the sound it makes can destroy the water jet
D. the sound it makes reaches up to 218 decibels
3. This sound can help scientists _____.
A. clean waste underwater
B. test materials underwater
C. learn more about lasers
D. kill dangerous sea animals
4. Scientists did the test to find _____.
A. a way to scare away sea animals
B. new materials for rockets
C. a new use for X-ray lasers
D. a new use for loud sounds
III. Words in use
1. He held his breath u________ for 8 minutes, 47 seconds!
2. Robots are taking people’s jobs. They are used to make machines and clean houses. But could they c________ replace human beings?
3. African cicada (非洲蝉) can sing very loudly. His voice is as l______ as a car horn (喇叭)!
IV. Post-reading
     X-rays are mainly used by doctors to detect diseases and injuries. However, they are also scientists’ best tool for probing (探索) matter at the atomic (原子) level.
II. 1. D。 细节理解题。根据文章第一段第二句It is in every cell of our bodies.和第三句 It carries important information about our genetic history. 可知选D 。
2. B。根据第二段最后一句The company has started an anti-racism program called DNA Learn in some UK and US schools. 可知这个 名为DNA Learn 的项目目的是反种族主义的,故选B。
3. C。根据文章第四段But her test showed that she shares DNA with people in China, Japan and Korea.一句可知, Elianed Guzman 有中国、日本和韩国人这些亚洲人的基因。故选C。
4. A 通过anti-racism program和文章最后一段The test changed how they see themselves. They realized they “have family from everywhere”.可知,DNA检验改变了测试者如何看待他们自己。检验结果提醒我们不应该有种族歧视。
III. 1. share   2. collect   3. realized   4. carries
II. 1. C 。根据这句话后面的But I still felt a bit nervous.这个转折句可以推断出,这个演讲不是什么大事,但还是有一点紧张,故选 C。
2. B。细节理解题。根据文章第二段第二句 A 2014 survey shows that public speaking is most Americans’ biggest fear, even more so than heights and insects.可知大部分美国人害怕公众演讲。
3. D。根据第三段In the US, we had to do it from time to time in high school and college. We had to give presentations, usually for about 5 minutes or so. 这些信息可知这段主要在说为了提高学生演讲能力,美国学校在做什么。
4.C。根据文章第四段第二句Personally, I fear I might not have anything meaningful to say.可知,就作者个人而言,他害怕没能说一些有意义的事情。
III. 1. in front of   2. It's not a big deal   3. turn out
II. 1. C。根据文章第二段 This is the loudest underwater sound possible一句可知,代词this是最大的声音,this 指代的是 X射线激光撞击小水柱时产生的声音。这种声音比火箭发射时产生的声音还大。故选C。
2. B。根据第二段第三句The sound is so loud that it vaporizes the water around it. 可知,这种声音很大以至于能蒸发周围的水。故选B。
3. B。根据文章最后一段第二句Sometimes, scientists need to test materials such as crystal (晶体) or fabric (织物) underwater. 可知,有时科学家用这种声音检测水下的晶体和织物。故选B。
4. C。通过文章最后一段最后一句They use lasers to hit the material and see how very loud sounds affect it. 可知科学家做这个实验目的是发现X射线激光撞击物质能产生巨响的功能。故应选C。
III. 1. underwater   2. completely   3. loud

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