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高二教案 第760期


New year, new attitude (P1)

邯郸市第一中学 索小雪

The new term is coming, do you have any new plans? 


I. Lead-in

What can we do to achieve our goals in the new school year? 


II. Fast reading  

Skim the passage to find how to achieve your goals in the new semester.

“No one’s born being good at things; you become good at things through hard work … even when you’re struggling, and you feel like other people have given up on you – don’t ever give up on yourself.”


With a positive attitude and the will to reach your goal, you’ll achieve everything you desire. 


III. Careful reading  

1. What challenges has Barack Obama faced?

He came from a broken home, his mother raised him alone, and he faced discrimination during his life. 

2. Why is being successful hard, according to Barack Obama?

You won’t love every subject you study. You won’t click with every teacher. And you won’t necessarily succeed at everything. 

3. How did Wang Yun overcome difficulties?

During his life, Wang learned to be mentally strong. He  never set limits on himself. He said that everyone has their own weaknesses, but they don’t have to be barriers to success—if we persevere.  

IV. Language focus





V. Language focus



VI. Post reading

What are your goals for the new semester

How can you achieve your goals?

Share them with your classmates.


Make a list about your goals in English.

Tape it to your desk to motivate yourself.




Tate is UK’s top spot for visitors (P5)

山东省烟台第二中学  孔洁

I. Lead-in

Do you know any must-see attractions in Britain?


II. Skimming  

Main idea of the passage

It introduces Tate Modern art gallery, which is officially Britain’s most popular attraction.


Judge whether the following statements are True or False.  

1. Tate Modern art gallery is among the UK’s must-see tourist attractions.  T

2. About 59 million visitors from around the world visited Tate this year.  F

3. Tate is a place mainly for the upper class.  F

III. Scanning  

Read & answer

1. What makes Tate Modern so popular?

The popular exhibitions;

It is a place for Britain’s working class and upper class to enjoy.

2. Can you give some examples of popular exhibitions or works at the Tate?

Picasso exhibition 1932

Andy Warhol’s Pop art painting of Marilyn


Picasso’s Weeping Woman

3. What is special about Tate Modern’s building?

In a time when most of Britain’s important buildings were aristocratic, Tate Modern showed it was OK to be different.    

This is a place where the pauper and the prince can happily share sandwiches and bask in a common notion of Britishness.

4. What’s your understanding of “a symbol of what Britain should be like”?


(a place for Britain’s working class and upper class to enjoy)


IV. Further learning   

Give a short speech introducing the Tate Modern.

You may include the following parts in your speech:



Reasons for its popularity/ features


V. Language focus

Join the two sentences to make one.

Ex: Tate Modern took the crown from the British Museum. It attracted about 5.9 million visitors from around the world in 2018.

Tate Modern took the crown from the British Museum, attracting about 5.9

million visitors from around the world in 2018.

1. According to the Independent, its rise was due to popular exhibitions held there in 2018.

2. Among these was Picasso 1932. It was described by the Guardian as “an exhibition capturing the furious pace Picasso worked and lived at”.


VI. Homework  

Write a short passage introducing one of China’s famous museums.













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