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初一教案 第667期


Growing up can be hard (P3)
I. Pre-reading
How do you feel about your childhood?
What is your best memory from childhood?
Would you like to share it with your classmates?

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. From Paragraph 1, we know that _____.
A. Adeline had a fun childhood
B. Adeline’s stepmother didn’t like her
C. Adeline grew up in the US
D. Adeline didn’t like writing

2. Adeline’s family thought she was bad luck after _____.
A. her stepmother didn’t look after her
B. her father married someone else
C. her family moved to America
D. her mother died after her birth

3. Adeline changed her life by _____.
A. winning a writing competition
B. taking care of her stepmother
C. going to a famous college
D. becoming a doctor

4. With this story, the writer wants to tell us that _____.
A. we should read more books
B. childhood is important
C. we should feel sorry for poor people
D. a strong spirit will help us get through hard times

III. Words in use
1. 她生了一对双胞胎。
    She _____  _____  _____ twins.
2. 别担心我,我能照顾好自己。
   Don't worry about me, I can ___  ___ ___ myself.
3. 我没有机会跟她说话。
    I didn't have a _____ to speak to her.

IV. Post-reading
What can we learn from Adeline’s story?
What is your dream for the future? What will you do to achieve it?


Changing a capital city (P4-5)

I. Pre-reading
Can you match the country with its capital city?

China       London
America   Beijing
UK    Washington
Canada   Jakarta
Indonesia      Ottawa

II. While reading
Fill in the table:
Capital city
The importance of a capital city The 1.                is in the capital of a country.
There are many important 2.      in capitals.
National 3.      work and live in capitals.
The capital is often the center of economy and 4.       in a country.
Indonesia’s capital: Jakarta It is sinking into the 5.       because people have used too much 6.        .
New capital Indonesia will take 7.                   to build a new capital.
It will cost about 8.            .

III. Words in use
1. 今天的特色菜写在布告板上。
Today's _____ (special) are written on the board.
2. 健康报告强调了新鲜食物的重要性。
The health report stresses the ________ (important) of fresh food.
3. 英国的天气反复无常。
The weather in Britain _________ (change) repeatedly.

IV. Post-reading
Why do you think Jakarta is sinking into the sea?
Many other countries have, at some point, moved their capital cities.
Nigeria moved its capital from Lagos to Abuja.
Pakistan moved its capital from Karachi to Islamabad.
Brazil moved its capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia.
And Egypt is in the process of building a new capital in the desert.

Take care of your ears (P6)

I. Pre-reading
How do you clean them?
What problems might this cause?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The writer uses the Australian woman’s story to show that _____.
A. an infection can cause you to lose your hearing
B. having good hearing is very important
C. people should not use cotton swabs to clean their ears
D. Australian people use swabs a lot

2. In Paragraph 2, what might “That’s Life” be?
A. The name of a company.
B. The name of a school.
C. The name of a newspaper.
D. The name of a hospital.

3. What is the last paragraph mainly about?
A. How we should clean our faces.
B. Why we shouldn’t put things in our ears.
C. Why we get infections in our ears.
D. How to use cotton swabs correctly.

III. Words in use
He's getting old and his_______ (听力) isn't very good.
She ____ ___ (发现) that he'd been cheating on her.
3. 根据我们的记录,您欠了我们$130。
  ______ ___ (根据) our records, you owe us $130.

IV. Post-reading
What do you do to keep yourself clean to prevent illness?
What do you do to keep yourself clean and prevent illness?
• Cut your nails.
• Wash your hair.
• Wash your hands.
• Brush your teeth.
• ...
II. 1. C。根据第1段 “Adeline Yen Mah, a Chinese-American writer and physician.” 可知,Adeline Yen Mah是美籍华人故本题选择B。
2. D。根据第2段 “In Adeline’s book, Chinese Cinderella, her mother dies after giving birth to her. Her family thinks that Adeline is bad luck. ” 可知,Adeline Yen Mah的母亲在生完Adeline Yen Mah后过世了,她的家人认为她是扫把星,故本题选择D。
3. A。根据第2段 “But Adeline keeps writing and later wins an international competition. This changes her life. ” 可知 “This”指代前面的 “competition”,故本题选择A。
4. D。文章主要讲述了美籍华人Adeline Yen Mah的童年很悲惨,但是通过她自己的努力,她改变了自己的命运,且作者在最后一段表明Adeline Yen Mah顽强的精神教会作者很多,故本题选择D。
III.1. gave birth to    2. take care of      3. chance

II. 1.central government  2. offices           3. leaders     4. culture 
  5. sea               6. groundwater      7. 10 years    8. $32 billion
III. 1. specials          2. importance       3. changes

II. 1. A。根据第2段可知这位澳大利亚女士因为感染而失聪,故本题选择A。
3. D。根据第3段 “If you use them the wrong way, they can hurt your eardrum or infect you. If you still want to use cotton swabs, use them only on the outside of your ear. ” 可知 如果使用棉签清理耳朵是话,清理耳朵外部即可,故本题选择D。
III. 1. hearing    2. found out  3. According to

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