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高二教案 第761期

Bank causes outcry over debt-shaming (P2)


江苏省南菁高级中学 范克强 


I. Lead-in


Ø If your family couldn’t afford your tuition fees, what could you do? 


Ø In China, the government and many universities have carried out the policy of student-origin-based loans (生源地助学贷款) in recent years to help students from poor families access higher education. 

What do you think are its benefits?


II. Fast reading

Read the article about student loans and find out what it is mainly about. 

It is mainly about the reasons for defaulting on student loans and possible solutions to it. 


III. Careful reading  

Read paragraphs 1-6 and then answer the following questions.

1. What has caused a heated debate?

A bank has recently published the personal information of students who delay in repaying their student loans. Details including their name, address, and school, were all released to the public. 


2. What suggestions did Wang Yidi give to the bank?

The bank should make efforts to contact these students first, in case they just forgot to pay back the money. 


3. What did Zhao Shengyu think of the bank's measures?

He thought it appropriate for the bank to disclose the personal information of students who deferred payment on their student loans. The bank has the right to claim its money as these students have enjoyed the benefits of low interest of loans. It is a student’s responsibility to repay their loans in time. 


Read paragraphs 7- 13 and then answer the following questions.

1. What are the possible reasons that students defer payments on their loans in and out of China?

Three reasons could account for their failure to pay back loans in time. 

1. Suffering from sickness;

2. Seeking further academic studies, which is causing them huge economic pressure. 

3. The loan payment amounts being too high.



2. Why does the burden of student debts keep increasing?

An increase in loan balance and interest rate. 



3. According to the text, how should students avoid defaulting?

Students should track their own debts to avoid defaulting and turn to professional help, if necessary. 



IV. Summary

Read the article again and use the correct words to fill in the blanks.





V. Language focus


1. But unfortunately, not every student can meet their end of the deal.



But unluckily, not all students are able to pay off their loans as required by the contract. 





2. While having enjoyed this policy, these people defaulted on student loans. These are fraudulent behaviors.



Although these students enjoyed the benefits of student loans, such as low interest rates, they deferred paying back their loans, which is considered dishonest behavior. 





Ø Key words and expressions:

be required to do                   被要求做

raise a heated debate               激起热烈的辩论         

pay back/ repay                    偿还

on purpose                       故意地

have the right to do               有权利做某事                 

low interest                      低利息

huge economic pressure       巨大的经济压力

in the long term               长期来看

go upward                   上升

get into trouble                陷入困境



VI. Post reading

Writingwrite a short passage


假如你是一名专门负责大学生助学贷款的工作人员李华,请你给那些拖欠银行贷款的毕业生写一封信,要求他们在规定的期限内还清拖欠的费用。信中内容包括:1. 说明助学贷款的作用。2. 在今年年底前还清欠款。3. 未按时还清的将被列入社会征信系统 (be listed into the social credit system) 4. 表示期望。5. 字数:100左右。


Dear students,

I’m writing to make sure that you dont forget to pay back your student loans. Your student loans got you through hard times and made it possible for you to continue your education. Now it is your duty and responsibility to repay it as your contract set out. It is expected that you will pay off the loans by the end of this year. Otherwise, you will default on your student loan, which will be listed on the social credit system. It is the last thing you need at such a young age. If you have any difficulties, please contact us to explain your situation.

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