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高二教案 第762期


Cameras in class trigger concern (P2)

宁波诺丁汉大学附属中学 贺晓云


Task 1 Warming up

Watch a video and answer the following questions:

1. What is the video talking about?

2. What does the video want to convey to us?

3. Do you think it is necessary to install cameras in class?

4. Are there any advantages or disadvantages of camera installations in class?


Task 2 Prediction

Cameras in class trigger concern    

1. What kind of concern may it trigger?


2. This passage is probably a/an______.

   A. narration.B. exposition.

   C. documentary.D. argumentation.


Task 3 Skimming (structure of the text)

1. Part 1 (Para ___): ____________________.         

2. Part 2 (Para ____): _____________________.   



Task 4 Scanning (Match each statement with the correct individual)

1. Schools should be very careful when using cameras in classrooms.

2. Personnel surveillance may arouse strong resistance.

3. Cameras on campus are intended to monitor teaching and learning activities in classrooms.  

4. Students' rights should be respected and their privacy should be protected.

5. Cameras can be helpful, both in dormitories and the library, but they are unnecessary in classrooms.


List of individuals

A.  Ran Yu     B. Lei Chaozi

C.  Xu Jianzhen     D. Gan Xiangsi


Task 4  Scanning

List of individuals

A   Ran Yu

B   Lei Chaozi

C   Xu Jianzhen

D   Gan Xiangsi


1. What do these individuals do?

2.What are their attitudes towards the use of cameras in classrooms? (for, against or neutral)?





Task 5 Further thinking

What is the writer's attitude towards this new policy?

A. doubtful B. supportive              D. opposing


1. The writer only quotes others' opinions, and he doesn't express his own opinion.

2. The writer quotes opinions of individuals whose jobs range from officials in Educational Ministry to students, this is so reads can form their own opinions on the issue.

3. This passage is a news report. A news report should report what happened in an objective way.


Task 6 Discussion

Do you think it is necessary to install cameras on campus?

Why or why not?



Task 7 Homework

Write a summary of this passage with about 80 words.




Racing for life and equality (P4-5)

山东省烟台第二中学  孔洁


I. Lead-in

Have you ever read any of Mary Robinette Kowal's novels? What do you know about her?



This August, her book, The Calculating Stars, won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. It also received the Nebula Award earlier this year.


II. Skimming  

l What is The Calculating Stars about?

l In order to survive, humanity must find a way to leave Earth in order to escape the negative climate effects caused by an asteroid strike.


Judge whether the following statements are True or False.

1. Mary Robinette Kowal is a space enthusiast, feminist, and puppeteer as well as a writer.  

2. Her book, The Calculating Stars, won Hugo Award for Best Novel and a Nebula Award this August.

3. It is the first novel to win two top awards since 1966.


Key: TFF


III. Scanning  

Read & think

1. What is special about the space race in the book?

•In our world, the space race was between the US and the Soviet Union (now Russia). Those two nations were competing to achieve different firsts in space. In this book, the space race is fought between the people trying to escape and Earth’s rapidly changing environment.


2. Is this book only focus on nature? Why?

•No, it is not only about nature. It also takes on issues of gender inequality.


3. What gender bias (偏见) Elma face?

Elma gets simple administration jobs while her husband receives a position of power. She is even prevented from applying for the all-male astronaut selection process, despite her experience as a pilot.


4. How does Elma deal with the gender unfairness?

Fighting this unfairness, Elma launches a campaign to include women in the selection process, this includes putting on a woman-only air show.


IV. Further learning   

Work in groups of four. Give a talk introducing The Calculating Stars. You may refer to the following word cloud to organize your talk.  



V. Language focus

Complete the following sentences.

1. The story takes place in the 1950s, _____ an asteroid strikes the east coast of the United States

2. This event steers our attention from people to nature, _______ is what we should do today.

3. He came here very late, _________was unexpected.

4. The meeting will be put off until next week, that’s  _____ our colleagues will be back from Shanghai.


Key: when, which, which, when



VI. Discussion  

Would you like to read The Calculating Stars? Give your reasons.


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