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高二教案 第763期

Family's Finale (P4-5)

江苏省南菁高级中学 范克强


I. Lead-in

Do you like watching situation comedies (sitcoms)?

If so, what is your favorite? Why do you like it?


II. Read for main idea

Read the text and find out what it mainly talks about.

It is mainly about the plot of the sitcom Modern Family and the reasons why the show has lasting appeal.


II. Read for details

Read the text and judge whether the following statements are true or false.

1. The sitcom Modern Family first  premiered  in 2008.

2. The show focuses on the ups and downs of three branches of the Pritchett-Dunphy family.

3. What has made the show popular for a decade is its characters more than its format.

4. The audience finds it easy to relate to the family memberslives.

5. Always leave the audience wanting moremeans ending a play, or TV series when it is unpopular with the audience.

6. Supernatural will conclude by the end of this year.




Read the text again and answer the following questions.  

1. How do we know Modern Family is popular worldwide?

It has been staple viewing for a global audience.


2. What recognition has the show earned?

It has won 22 Emmy Awards and 75 nominations.


3. What has made the show popular for a decade?

Firstly, the Pritchetts’ highs and lows have made it easy for the audience to relate to. Secondly, the format, known as “mockumentary” has been well received by the audience.   


4. How does the author think of the conclusion of the sitcoms?

Every end is a beginning. They might soon be replaced by some other hilarious and imaginative concepts.


IV. Post reading

What other TV series or shows have left strong impressions on you? In what ways do they impress you?


V. Language study

1. With 22 Emmy Awards and 75 nominations (提名), it’s more than just the characters that have made the show popular for a decade.

Ø Paraphrasing:

    It has won 22 Emmy Awards and 75 nominations. However, the characters of the show are only part of the reasons why it has been popular for 10 years.

Ø it is ... that ...为强调句型,强调主语more than just the characters.  

Ø 意为:这部剧获得了22项艾美奖和75项提名,但是让该剧在过去10年里广受欢迎的不仅仅是剧中的角色。


2. From fights between siblings to parents’ different ideas about educating children, the show, despite being a comedy, deals with serious modern issues that have surely affected the audience.

l Paraphrasing:

    Although the show is a comedy, it deals with common serious modern issues, ranging from fights between siblings to parents’ different ideas about educating children. These issues definitely have had an impact on the viewers.

l despite prep. “尽管,虽然,相当于 in spite of; that引导定语从句,修饰先行词 issues

l 意为:尽管这部剧是一部喜剧,但它涉及到一些严肃的现代问题,从兄弟姐妹之间的争斗到父母对孩子教育的不同看法,这种种问题无疑影响了观众。


VI. Vocabulary

1. season    (熟词生义)(电视系列节目)季

2. relatable  adj. 产生共鸣的

3. twist    n. (故事或情况的)转折,转变,突然变化

4. in a partnership with... ……合作

5. more than just ...  不只是,不仅仅是

6. highs and lows  高潮与低谷

7. make it 成功;达到预定目标

8. sibling  n. 兄弟姐们

9. deal with  涉及到

10. wrap up  圆满完成


VII. Group Work

Work in groups of 4 to find more information online about Modern Family. Choose one episode then share with others by describing its plot. If possible, act out a scene!




Left-handed genes discovered (P6)

宁波诺丁汉大学附属中学 贺晓云


Task 1 Warming up

1. Is there anything you find somebody possesses in his/her that is apparently different from others?

2. Are they proud of it or ashamed to expose it in public? Why?


3. Are they born with it? Can they easily change it?


4. What causes them to have these things?



Task 2 Prediction

What does this title try to convey to us?

A. The left-handed are destined to be underdogs.

B. There are specific genes that cause left-handedness.

C. Mutated (变异的) genes are to blame for left-handedness.

D. Researchers found left-handedness is unchangeable.


Task 3 Skimming

Para 1-2Phenomenon

Para 3-10:

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