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初二教案 第678期





Visiting coal country (P3)


I. Pre-reading

What can people do with coal?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. Black Country got its name because during the 1840s _____

A. there were few coal mines

B. the area’s soil was black

C. there was serious air pollution

D. there were no factories


2. The students went to Carding Mill Valley to _____.

A. learn about rivers for a project

B. learn English history

C. experience the country life

D. learn more about coal mining


3. What did the writer do during the trip?

A. She went swimming in a river.

B. She did an experiment in a river.

C. She went to a famous museum.

D. She made iron chain links.


4. The writer thought the trip was _____.

A. useless         B. tiring              C. boring            D. enjoyable


III. Words in use


1.The girl will ____ ____ ____ ____ (去旅行) to Shenyang over the winter.

2. My father was late for work _____ ____ (因为) heavy traffic.

3. You'd better _____ _____ (了解) the local culture before you go to another country.


IV. Post-reading

Air pollution has long been a problem in China. What can we do to solve this problem?







How about our holidays? (P4)


I. Pre-reading

1. When do you usually have holidays?

2. Have you ever traveled anywhere during your holidays?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. When did British people have holidays in the past?

a. Christmas.

b. Saturdays.

c. Easter.

d. Bank holidays.

A. ab           B. ac      C. bc      D. cd


2. What do we know from Paragraph 2?

A. British workers have two weeks of holiday time a year.

B. Schoolchildren start going to school from July.

C. British people don’t take breaks during winter.

D. More Brits are taking winter holiday breaks.


3. People will spend less on traveling if _____.

A. they buy a package holiday

B. they join the Eden Project

C. they travel near the UK

D. they travel during school holidays


4. What do teenagers do during independent holidays?

A. Live with a family abroad.

B. Travel with family.

C. Go out with friends.

D. Go to language schools.


III. Words in use


1.Many people like to ____ ____ ____ ______ (去度假) and travel somewhere new.

2. The _____ (航班) will take four hours.

3. If you are on a ____ ____ (承包旅游) , your travel company will book your hotel room for you.

4. You can try to practice the local language and ______ ______ ______ (提高语言技能) as an exchange student.


IV. Post-reading

1. Where are you planning to go on your next holiday?

2. Have you ever traveled on your own?







Dog clones join cops (P6)


I. Pre-reading

What was the name of the world’s first cloned sheep?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. People trained the six dogs to _____.

A. help blind people

B. help police solve cases

C. develop cloning technology

D. do scientific experiments


2. Paragraph 4 mainly talks about _____

A. how cloned dogs help police solve cases

B. why cloned dogs are better than normal dogs

C. the training cloned dogs need

D. the advantages of cloning dogs


3. The example of Dolly shows that _____.

A. cloned animals live bad lives

B. animal cloning is not new

C. cloning technology is widely used on animals

D. it is hard to say whether cloning is good or not


4. What can we learn from the story?

A. Cloned animals can help people in some ways.

B. Cloning technology is safe.

C. Cloning technology will be used on humans.

D. The six cloned dogs won’t live very long.


III. Words in use


1. 林涛和他爸爸一样擅长绘画。


2. 对你的童年,你有什么回忆?


3. 人们开始质疑这个小男孩是否诚实。



IV. Post-reading

Debate: Do you think cloning technology is helpful or dangerous?









II. 1. C。由第二段第一句 “Many believe the name comes from … the soot that was put out …” 可知许多人相信 Black Country 名字源自19世纪40年代工厂排放的煤烟 (空气污染),所以选 C

2. A。细节题。根据第四段 “we went to Carding Mill Valley … the changes that can happen to a river ... ” 及后一句可知学生们课上已学到一些关于河流的知识并去 Carding Mill Valley 实地了解为课题做准备。

3. C。第五段第一句提到 “The next day, we went to the famous Black Country Museum ... ”,由此得知,作者去参观了一个有名的博物馆。其它选项文中没有提到,故选 C

4. D。最后一段提到“It was truly a happy trip. I enjoy this way of learning.” A是无用的、B是累人的、C是无聊的,都含有消极的意义,均可排除,故正确答案选 D

III. 1. go on a trip  2. because of  3. learn about



II. 1. B。第一段提到 “In the past … had holidays on “holy” (religious) days: Sundays, Christmas and Easter.” 上班族过去只有礼拜日、圣诞节和复活节有假期。b 没提到,Bank holidays 是现在大多数人拥有的假期,而非过去,所以正确答案为 B

2. D。由第二段第三句 “Taking a second holiday break … more popular in the UK.” 可知英国人越来越流行在冬天或春天度第二个假期。英国人暑期度假两周而非全年;学生七月份开始度假而非开学,故选 D

3. A。根据第三段可知很多人购买的 package holiday

(旅行社负责一切的承包旅游)中包含便宜的海外航班和旅馆或公寓。“Flights and package holidays are much cheaper during school terms” 学生上学期间,这些会更便宜,所以排除 DBC 未体现省钱这件事。

4. A。最后一段写的是青少年独立的假期。“A British teenager might spend a week or two in a foreign country, staying with a family ...”,青少年会作为语言交换生在外国的另一个家庭寄宿生活,所以正确答案为 A

III. 1. go on a holiday  2. flight  3. package holiday 4. improve language skills



II. 1. B。文章第一段提到警犬训练中心正在训练六只新警

犬,根据第二段 “They were cloned from two police dogs who have helped police solve many murder cases ” 可知它们是帮助破案的两只警犬的克隆狗,而且它们也将被训练来帮助破案,正确答案为 B

2. D。第四段提到人们希望这几只克隆狗像它们的父亲一样有天赋。仅仅四个月大,它们已经展示出勇敢、有攻击力、超强的记忆力等优点,训练它们将花费更少的时间和金钱,故选D

3. D。第六段提到克隆羊多利的例子,并说 “Some people have questioned whether cloning technology is safe.” 意味着一些人对克隆技术是好还是坏持不确定态度,所以正确答案为 D

4. A。根据整篇文章进行推理判断,六只克隆狗被训练来破案的例子说明克隆动物在一些方面帮助着人们,可知 A 正确。克隆技术是好还是坏人们持怀疑态度,故 B 错误;人们担心克隆技术用在人身上,C 选项表述不准确;六只克隆狗活不久,这个没有明显根据,故否定D选项。

III. 1. Lin Tao is as good at painting as his dad is.

2. What memories do you have from your childhood?

3. People began t

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