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初二教案 第684期




Building a better bag (P3)


I. Pre-reading

1. Do you throw different kinds of waste into different bins?

2. Have you ever had any trouble while throwing away your garbage? What was it?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. Shi’s bag makes it easier to _____.

A. find one-off products

B. clean garbage cans

C. throw away wet waste

D. throw away plastic


2. Shi decided to design the bag because _____.

A. he thought he could make money

B. he thought plastic bags were too expensive

C. he wanted to design a recyclable bag

D. common waste bags caused him trouble


3. Paragraph 5 explains _____.

A. why Shi used a gunny sack to make the bag

B. why Shi’s bag is better than common bags

C. how Shi’s bag helped with his problem

D. how Shi made his bag environmentally friendly


4. What do we know about Shi from the story?

A. He won a prize for his own creation.

B. He likes to play rather than study.

C. His father didn’t support his work.

D. His creation has helped a lot of people.


III. Words in use


1.I hope you can _____ _____ _____ (提出) a better plan than this.

2. Many newer vehicles that are ________ ________ (环保的) will be used

for public transport.

3.I _____ _____ (一直) practicing until I got good enough to join the band.


IV. Post-reading

What can you learn from Shi Yuan?

1.When we have a problem, we should ________.

2.We all like to play, but we can ________.

3. ...







Sports stars in film (P4-5)


I. Pre-reading

1. Do you know any Chinese sports stars who play ping pong, volleyball or tennis?

2. Do you like watching sports? Why or why not?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which movie is related to Chinese volleyball?

A. Leap

B. Li Na

C. Ping Pong

D. Lang Ping


2. Ping Pong might be a hit because _____.

A. the movie is directed by Peter Chan

B. many world-class players are in the movie

C. ping pong means a lot to Chinese people

D. its poster is very attractive and powerful


3. These movies aim to show _____.

A. how hard sports training is

B. Chinese athletes’ fighting spirit

C. the popularity of sports movies

D. China’s progress in training athletes


III. Words in use


1. 今年将有几部体育电影在中国上映。


2. 乒乓球确实与中国的民族自豪感密切相关。


3. 通过她的奋斗和坚忍不拔的故事,李娜成了一个独立、自由和希望的象征。



IV. Post-reading

1. Which film do you want to watch?

2. Can you fill out the table below?







Goodbye to my friends (P5)


I. Pre-reading

1. Do you have a friend who moved to another city or went to a different school?

2. How did you feel when you had to say goodbye?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The author has been to a lot of going-away parties because _____.

A. many of his friends left

B. he left Beijing in 2019

C. he likes to join parties

D. he wanted to make new friends


2. The underlined phrase “ at one point or another” in Paragraph 3 probably means _____.

A. now and then

B. in the end

C. at the same time

D. over time


3. The author felt _____ about his friends leaving.

A. easy

B. thankful

C. nothing

D. both happy and sad


4. The author mainly tells us _____ through the story.

A. his sad memories in Beijing

B. part of his experience in 2019

C. what he achieved throughout 2019

D. his recent life in Beijing


III. Words in use


1.We have tried our best to _____ _____ _____ (保持联系) with each other since we finished high school.

2. If we try to make everyone happy, we will _____ _____ ( 最终) making no one happy.

3.I feel like I can _____ _____ _____ _____ (开启新的篇章) in my life.


IV. Post-reading

Good friends can keep up their friendship no matter how far apart they might be. How would you stay in touch with a friend who is far away? What will you talk about?









II. 1. C。第二段第1 “Shi Yuan ... has made a special bag to solve this problem.” 承上启下,可知第一段人们在 throwing away wet waste 扔湿垃圾时遇到了麻烦,于是 Shi 做了一个特别的袋子来解决这个问题,所以选 C

2. D。根据第三段 “Shi came up with the idea after an unpleasant experience in which he got wet waste all over his pants while throwing it away.” Shi 提出这个想法是因为他有一次扔湿垃圾时弄脏了裤子,可知普通的垃圾袋曾带给他麻烦,故答案选 D

3. D。第五段指出 Shi 最初的设计是一次性产品,不环保,于是他一直想办法改进,他想到便利贴中使用的弱胶,把它作为垃圾袋的粘贴带,袋子就可以重复使用了,所以选 D

4. D。文章第六段提到 “Shi’s bag has become popular... He has already sold 2 million bags online.” 可知,他的创造帮助了许多人,故选 D

III. 1. come up with  2. environmentally friendly  3. kept on



II. 1. A。根据文章可知 Leap 这部电影将要讲述中国女排背后的故事,所以正确答案为 A

2. C。根据第三段最后一句 “Ping pong is a big deal to many Chinese, making this film likely to be a hit.” 可知乒乓对于很多中国人非常重要,这让这部电影可能会大受欢迎,所以正确答案为 C

3. B。根据第一段第1 “Sports movies are ... stories of the human spirit overcoming pain and difficulties. ” 可知运动类型电影不仅仅是关于运动,更是展示克服疼痛和困难的运动精神的电影,三部电影都明确提到团队或个人的坚毅、决心等运动精神,所以正确答案为 B

III. 1. Several sports movies will come out in China this year.

2. It’s true that table tennis is closely related to China’s national pride.

3. Through her story of struggle and perseverance, Li became a symbol of independence, freedom and hope.



II. 1. A。根据文章第一段 “... several of my friends moved away last year ..., many have left Beijing for good” 可知作者参加了很多欢送会,是因为他的很多朋友离开了北京,所以正确答案为 A

2. A。文章第二段可知作者的朋友来自五湖四海,他很开心遇到来自不同国家和文化的朋友,但是这些朋友时不时地离开了北京,有的去海外读硕士,有的回到欧洲工作或定居。A. 时而、B. 最后、C. 同时、D. 随着时间的过去,故选 A

3. D。第四段提到 “When friends leave, it tends to give us mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m happy ... But on the other hand, it’s sad ...” 可知,作者在朋友离开时开心和伤心两种感受并存,所以正确答案为 D

4. B。文章第一段提到 “With the start of a new year, I’ve been reflecting back on the changes I experienced in 2019.” 可知故事主要提及作者2019年的一些经历,故正确答案选 B

III. 1. stay in touch  2. end up  3. start a new chapter


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