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高一战疫合刊 History that's hard to trace (P9)教案

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History that's hard to trace (P9)
石家庄市第一中学 明艳

I. Pre-reading
1. What infectious diseases have you heard of?
Black Death; SARS; Ebola; MERS; COVID-19 …

2. How much do you know about COVID-19?

II. While-reading
Task 1: Skim and match.


Task 2: Scan Para 3 & 4 and tell T or F.
1. Viruses are living organisms.
    F. Viruses are non-living organisms.

2. Viruses have no DNA or protein.
F. Viruses contain genetic materials like DNA and have a protein coating.

3. Viruses can reproduce by themselves.
F. Viruses can’t reproduce on their own.
 They invade the cells of living organisms to reproduce.

Task 3: Scan Para 5 & 6 and choose.
Why is it hard to trace the origin of a virus?
· Scientists have no proper equipment.
· A virus changes within the cells it enters.
· It’s a complicated task to study its fossils.
· The history of bacteria is impossible to trace.

Key: B

Task 4: Read Para 7 and fill in the chart.

Task 5: Fill in the blanks using the words given.
case   novel   potential   infect   coating invade   origin   virologist   trick   evolve   plausible

1. _____ something happening
2. _____reasonable and likely to be true or successful
3. _____not like anything known before
4. _____change gradually over a long period of time
5. _____the possibility to develop in a particular way
6. _____ to enter a place using force, usually in large numbers
7. _____ a way of doing things that work well, but may not be easy to notice
8. _____ give somebody a disease
9. _____ someone who uses scientific methods to study viruses
10. _____ a thin layer of something that covers a surface
11._____the place or situation where something begins to exist


Task 6: Analyze and translate difficult sentences.
▲Since December, there have been tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases both in and out of China, caused by a previously unknown virus: novel coronavirus.
过去分词作定语,修饰上文的cases, 相当于which was caused by ……
分词作定语可以是前置,也可以后置,用现在分词还是过去分词要看该词与被修饰名词或代词的主被动关系,主要形式有doing, done, being done。
1) The _____(injure) workers are now being taken care of in hospital.
2) This will be the best novel of its kind ever _____(write).
3) The government plans to bring in new laws ______(force) parents to take more responsibility for the education of their children.
· Can those____(seat) at the back of the classroom hear me?
5) The boy ____________(interview) now is my student.

▲ Understanding the origins of viruses means fully understanding the history of their hosts – not only humans, but also bacteria, plants and other animals, which is a complicated task, says Nature.

▲ Understanding the origins of viruses means fully understanding the history of their hosts — not only humans, but also bacteria, plants and other animals, which is a complicated task, says Nature.
1) They’ve won their last three matches, ______I find a bit surprising.
2) Many children ____parents are away working in big cities are taken care of in the village.
3) Due to the financial crisis, the days are gone ____local 5-star hotels charged 6,000 yuan for one night.
4) _____is often the case, we have worked out a production plan.
5) I have many friends, some _____ _____ are businessmen.
6) Some pre-school children go to a daycare center, ____they learn simple games and songs.

Key : 1) which, 2) whose 3) when 4) As 5) of whom 6) where

Task 1: Retell the text according to the hints.
   A novel virus called … is making the headlines. Viruses are … There is no clear explanation for their origin, because … The current three theories are … In the future …

Task 2: Reflection and discussion.
What’s in your mind when you are quarantined?


本期配套教案共14页:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14

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