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高二春季合刊 Food for thought (P46-47)

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2019-2020学年度第 33-38 期总第 787-791 期
Food for thought (P46-47)
山东省烟台第二中学 孔洁
I. Leading in
What food do you treat yourself to when you dine out?
Among the top choices are hearty dishes with high-fat meat
Fast food has been a popular option across the world.
What are the negative impacts of high-fat meat?
risk of diseases
high intake of calories
weight gain
carbon emission
Are there any meat substitutes?
II. Skimming
Read the passage quickly and find out what the passage is about.
• The plant-based meat substitute has been popular in the US and the UK for years and was introduced to China at the end of April.

Divide the passage into different parts.
III. Scanning
Read the passage and answer the following questions.
• 1. When was the plant-based meat substitute introduced to China?
It was introduced to China in April.

• 2. What contributed to the popularity of the substitute?
It is healthier than meat and has the same taste.
A new breed of environmentally-aware consumers
There is less animal-human interaction.

• 3. Is the plant-based meat substitute healthier than ordinary meat? How?
It has less calories and also provides rich protein and different minerals and vitamins while still whetting our taste buds.

• 4. What’s the benefit of the plant-based meat substitute in terms of environmental protection?
Meat production has a higher carbon emission than the substitute.

• 5. What’s the influence of coronavirus on the promotion of the plant-based meat subsitute?
Since the coronavirus is believed to have been transmitted to humans through an intermediate animal host, the debut of meatless dishes means a safer choice for consumers.

IV. Deep thinking
What’s your understanding of the title “Food for thought”?
• Open question
• Some hints:
• Health
• Environmental protection
• The spread of disease

V. Language focus
• 1. The plant-based meat substitute has been popular in the US and the UK for years and offers meat-lovers a healthy alternative to an otherwise unhealthy indulgence (放纵).
The plant-based meat substitute has been popular in other countries and is a healthier alternative to meat.

• 2. Despite the negative impacts on our health, the tempting taste and convenience of fast food have made it a popular option across the world for decades.
While unhealthy, fast food has remained popular for decades.

• 3. Another factor that contributes to the product’s popularity is a new breed of environmentally-aware consumers.
The product is popular with those who are concerned about the environment.

VI. Further learning
Without doubt, the newcomers on the Chinese table represent a change in people’s dietary lifestyle that is heading toward “healthy, environmentally-friendly and less animal-human interaction”, CGTN noted.
The plant-based meat has changed people’s dietary lifestyle. Can you think of other substitutes that change people’s lifestyle? Give an example and discuss.
You may organize your talk following the steps below:
1.  Introduction of the substitute;
2.  Reasons why it may be popular;
3.  Future development of the substitute.

VII. Assignment
• Based on the structure of the passage, write a composition introducing another substitute that has changed people’s lives.

本期配套教案共9页:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

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