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高一春季合刊 读写整合之概要写作(P72)

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How to deal with bullies (P72)
江苏省南菁高级中学 薛海燕

1. 理解准确,涵盖全部要点;
2. 准确使用相应的语法结构和词汇;
3. 有效使用语句间的连接成分,使所完成的概要结构紧凑;
4. 全部使用自己的语言。

A fairly brief statement – IN YOUR OWN WORDS – on the content of the article:
ü Review the most important points of the text;
ü Brief and to the point;
ü In your own words;
ü Logical and coherent.

Theme: Anti-bullying
Genre: Argumentation

1. Understand the theme of the article.
2. Draw a thinking map of the key points.
3. Comb through the article and find the logic between the key points.
4. Write a summary of the article.

How to deal with bullies
—the practice of summary writing

Watch the video and answer the questions:
1. What type of bullying occurs in the video?
Physical bullying.

2. What did the kids around do at first?
Some of them just watched or laughed, and one girl bravely stood up – and then other kids followed her.

3. What action helps change the situation?
Standing up and saying no to bullies.

Read the article and finish the following tasks:
1. What are the types of bullying?
Physical, verbal and social.

2. Complete the following thinking map. (No more than 3 words for each blank.)


1. common and serious 
2. physical bullying 
3. nasty/not nice    
4. social bullying
5. anywhere           
6. depression and anxiety    
7. an audience       
8. laugh or encourage  
9. take a stand  
10. student anti-bullying group
11. anti-bullying advice  
12. an anti-bullying slogan

Writing tips:
ü Cover all the key points 覆盖所有要点
ü Write in correct language 使用准确语言
ü Avoid copying original sentences 避免使用原句
ü Brief and to the point 简明扼要,抓住重点
ü Write logically and coherently 行文连贯,符合逻辑

Write a summary of the article
A possible version:
Bullying is a serious issue that affects a large number of people. It can be physical, verbal or social, all of which do great harm to those being bullied. Sometimes, we can bully others indirectly by watching and doing nothing or encouraging bullies in other ways. Creating an anti-bullying group is a good idea to raise people's awareness. We need to work together and take action to prevent bullying from happening.

1. Work in pairs and polish your summary based on the thinking map and the writing tips given above. Check the following aspects:
□ Have I covered all the key points?
□ Have I used brief and accurate expressions?
□ Is the summary well organized? Is it coherent?
□ Have I made any grammatical or spelling mistakes?
□ In what aspects should I make improvements next time?

1. What consequences may bullies contribute to?



2. If you see someone being bullied, what will you do?
There are several measures that I can take. For example, I can report bullying to teachers and ask for their assistance. If it’s a rather serious case, I can collect evidence and report it to the police. I can also encourage friends to support me and take a stand. Together, we can motivate others to settle disputes.

本期配套教案共10页:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

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