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初一春季合刊教案 5
British graffiti gets a mask (P46)
Warm up
* People all over the world are working together to fight COVID-19 in their own ways. 
* Have you done anything interesting during this time?

* Can you find the difference between the two pictures?
* What happened to the picture on the left?

Fast reading
Look through the passage and try to find out:
Who painted this graffiti?     Banksy.
What does he do? 

He is one of the most famous street artists of modern times.

Careful reading
Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.
Banksy is famous for ________________.
painting street graffiti

Girl With A Pierced Eardrum is based on the painting ________________.
Girl With A Pearl Earring

Add:Put sth. together with sth. else 

serious 严肃的,认真的
Why is he so mysterious?  
strange and interesting because you do not know much about them神秘的
What do we know about Banksy?
A. His name.
B. His nationality.
C. What he looks like.
D. His age. 

    He asked if I had left with you, and I said no.(他问我是否和你一块儿离开的,我说不是。)
   I wonder if I can open the door?
   If necessary I can come at once.
    I'll only stay if you offer me more money. 

posts: 发布,宣传;邮递。

Where is Banksy working during the lockdown?
His home.

  What did his new picture show?
  A. Rats in his living room.
  B. Rats in his garden.
  C. Rats in his bedroom.
  D. Rats in his bathroom.

Write sentences that describe what the rats are doing in the picture.
A rat is playing with toilet paper.
A rat is making a mess with toothpaste.

What are the rats doing?

His wife’s attitude.
Do you think she really hates it?
Banksy’s latest work

Reading Comprehension.  Mark the sentences true or false.
1. Banksy only draws on buildings.
2. Banksy's paintings are often about politics, war and other serious topics.
3. Banksy added a mask to the painting.
4. Banksy usually posts his work on his Instagram account.


Words in use
Completion. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.
1. I am __________, things are difficult enough as they are. 
2. ________ more honey if you have a sweet tooth.
3. This plant has long been ________ for its medicinal qualities. 
5. They started to mend the woodwork and ________ the walls.
1. serious   2. Add   3. known   4. paint

Post reading
Things are hard right now. But we're all trying our best to get by.

No limit to language (P46-47)
Warm up
Do you know the person in this picture?   It is Ne Zha.
He is a famous character from Chinese mythology. Do you think people from other countries might enjoy his stories?

Look at the title and pictures.
Who are the people in the pictures?
What does “limit” mean here?
Why is there no “limit” to language?

How many books are mentioned here?  What are they? 
The Three-Body Problem, Ne Zha and Legends of the Condor Heroes.

Fast reading
Read the paragraph and fill in the blanks.
connect or reduce the distance between 在…架桥

_______ plays an important role in cultural communication. It ________ the language gap and ________________ about Chinese culture. 
Translation; bridges; helps foreigners learn more

Careful reading
What advantages did Liu have when translating the book?
  Why was Ken Liu the best choice to translate The Three-Body Problem?
A. Because he knows both Chinese and US culture well.
B. Because he is an experienced translator.
C. Because he is a popular translator in the West.
D. Because he is the writer’s best friend.
  How did he translate this book?
A. Translate word by word.  B. Change the structure.
C. Delete his background.   D. Ask Obama for help.

Why is Jin Yong unknown in the West?
According to the story, how did Holmwood translate wuxia books?
A. She talked with Jin Yong.
B. She made their words easy to understand.
C. She kept phrases as they were in Chinese.
D. She used simple English stories to explain Chinese words. 
How to translate the Chinese phrases in the pictures into English? 
Be quick to obey my command.

The 18 palm attacks to defeat dragons.

Post reading
Reading Comprehension. Choose the correct answer.
1.  The writer thinks that translation can _____.
A. help Chinese people learn English
B. make Chinese books and movies popular in the West
C. encourage Chinese writers to write better books
D. make some translators famous
2. Whose book won the Hugo Award?
A. Jin Yong
B. Liu Cixin
C. Ken Liu
D. We don’t know

3. From the story, we know that _____.
A. it is easy to translate animated movies
B. Jerimiah Willhite is a fan of Ne Zha
C. Ne Zha was a success in America
D. Ne Zha is a famous character in the West
4. Which statement is not true? 
A. Ken Liu writes sci-fi stories himself.
B. Barack Obama is a big fan of Jin Yong.
C. China’s cultural influence is starting to rise around the world. 
D. Legends of the Condor Heroes in English is very popular in the UK

Words in use
1. 她的书以几种不同的语言出版发行。
   Her book ________ in several languages. 
2. 他在活动中发挥了重要的作用。
    He ________________ in this activity.
3. 我能阅读英语,但是不能翻译成英语。
I can read English but can’t ____________ it.

What else can help us with translation? 

本期配套教案共5页:  1  2  3  4  5

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