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初一教案 第706期(2)

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What happens if you make a silly face (P4)

Warm up

How did your parents or grandparents remind you not to do certain things when you were a kid?

By telling you directly not to do them.

By yelling at you.

By telling you a scary story.


By doing something else, like...



Who is making a silly face?

Do you often make silly faces?

What do you parents say when they see you making a silly face?


According to the title and the picture, the passage probably talks about something that usually happens between ________.

A. a teacher and her student

B. a mother and her child

C. a boy and and his twin brother

D. a taxi driver and a passager



While-reading: First reading

What is the passage mainly about?

Old wives' tales.


While-reading: Second reading

1. Why do parents tell their children  old wives' tales?

To remind them not to do certain things.


2. How many old wives' tales are mentioned in the passage?


3. When might a parent tell his or her child that they will wet their bed?

When they play with fire.


True or False?

1. There are old wives' tales in many countries.  (   )

2. Children will stop growing if they open an umbrella indoors.  (   )

3. Old wives' tales are silly and for fun.  (   )

4. Children often believe old wives' tales.  (   )



While-reading: Third reading

What can you infer from the underlined sentence?

People don't unually take the old wives' tales seriously.


Language Points

remind vt. 提醒,使想起

remind sb. (not) to do sth.

My dad often reminds me to listen carefully in class.

I reminded my brother not to stay up late yesterday. 


stay vi 停留,保持

stay that way 保持那种样子,文中指无法恢复到正常状态。

My wife said to me, Your face will stay that way if you always frown (皱眉).   


fool vt. 欺骗,愚弄

Don't fool me with such an excuse.

He is trying to fool you. Don't listen to him.



Fill in the blanks with the proper verbs.


1. If you eat watermelon seeds, a watermelon will ____ in your stomach.

2. If you open an umbrella indoors, you will ____ growing.

3. If you play with fire, you will ____ your bed.

4. If you make silly faces too often, your face will ____ that way.

grow  stop    wet    stay


Post reading

              Old wives‘ tales” are beliefs passed down from one generation to another. For example, most of us remember our parents telling us to eat more of certain foods or not to do certain things. Is there any truth in these teachings? Some of them agree with present medical thinking, but others have not passed the test of time.

Did your mother ever tell you to eat your carrots because they are good for your eyes? Scientists now report that eating carrots can help prevent a serious eye disease called macular degeneration. Eating just one carrot a day can reduce the possibility of getting this disease by 40 percent. Garlic () is good for you, too. It can kill the type of virus that causes colds.


       Unfortunately, not all of mom' s advice passed the test. For example, generations of children have been told not to go swimming within an hour after eating. But research suggests that there is no danger in doing so. Do sweets cause tooth problems? Well, yes and no. Sticky sweets made with grains tend to cause more problems than sweets made with simple sugars.


       Even though science can tell us that some of our traditional beliefs don't hold water, there is still a lot of truth in old wives' tales. After all, much of this knowledge has been accumulated (积累) from thousands of years of experience in family healthcare. We should respect this body of knowledge even as we search for clear scientific support to prove it true or false.



Can you think of other old wives' tales? Describe three of them in English.


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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