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高一教案 第811期(1)

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Finding an outlet for emotion (P4)
石家庄实验中学  姚万学

I. Free-talk
How do you express your emotions when you get depressed? 
Want to know how Finnish people deal with their negative emotions?

II. Read for general information
Main idea of the article:  
Key: Heavy metal music offers a way for Finnish people to express their negative emotions.

III. Read for details
1. Read the text and find its structure.
Para. 1-2 Heavy metal music is popular  among Finns.
Para. 3-10 Why Finnish people like heavy metal music.
Para. 11 Conclusion: Those who tend to keep their emotions inside may find themselves drawn to heavy metal music.

Read the text and answer the questions:

1. What does the underlined word “thrive” in the third paragraph probably mean?
A. Make great changes.            
B. Be well received.         
C. Cause heated discussion.           
D. Experience ups and downs. 

B。从文中“there are 70 metal bands, ... Every year, thousands of “metalheads” gather at Finland’s many metal festivals”可知,芬兰金属音乐乐队多,乐迷也多,因此金属乐在芬兰是蓬勃发展的,故答案为B。

2. How does the climate in Finland affect Finns?
The cold and sometimes severe climate has contributed to the population’s interest in heavier forms of rock.  

3. What is a typical characteristic of Finnish people according to Medium?
Most Finnish people are emotionally restrained. The Finns do not easily express their emotions when they talk. Whatever emotions – soft or hard – they feel, they keep them inside. For them, emotional introversion is a form of learned behavior in Finland and the roots go back quite far in history.   

4. What does Katharina Kiljander think contributes to Finns’ introversion? 
According to Kiljander, the introversion has something to do with the fact that they often want to keep things private. It has not been socially acceptable to show great emotions, for example anger or sadness. One has to appear ‘strong’ at all costs.  

5. How does Katharina Kiljander think Finns treat heavy mental music? 
According to Kiljander, Finns consider heavy mental music as an outlet to deal with their negative emotions. Because they are so private that it is difficult to discuss their feelings, heavy mental music offers a way to express these emotions. 

IV. Language focus
Find the following expressions in the article.
1....... 的沃土


IV. Language focus
Pay attention to the red words in each sentence.
Every year, thousands of “metalheads” gather at Finland's many metal festivals, especially during summer. (Para 2)
n. 重金属摇滚乐迷

• But why does this seemingly extreme form of music thrive in the Nordic country of Finland? (Para 2)
v. 繁荣

1. How do many Finns combat this depression, release their negative energy and make themselves feel more positive? (para 5)  

2. “In fact, new research published in Frontiers supports the theory that heavy metal and similar music genres can efficiently express Finnish people's pent-up emotions.  (para 6)

3. The reason why heavy metal might reflect the Finnish mentality is probably because we are so private that it is difficult to discuss our feelings, but still we need an outlet to deal with these negative emotions. (para 10)

4. Those who tend to keep their emotions inside may find themselves drawn to a medium or genre that allows them to do the opposite -  something that Finland has made loud and clear with its growing number of heavy metal fans. (para 11)

V. Further information
Heavy metal music is characterized as powerful and loud. Together, the bass, drums and electric guitar of a band evokes a sound that is aggressive. 

The lyrics of heavy metal music can be difficult to understand at times because of the vocal (声音的) technique used. 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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