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高一教案 第811期(2)

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Allergies Increase Globally (P6)
河北保定外国语中学  孔祥宇

I. Brainstorm: ALLERGY
What are allergies?
An allergy is an immune system reaction to a foreign substance. These foreign substances are called allergens.
AKA  allergy symptoms

According to different allergens, allergies are mainly classified into four types.

II. Read for general information
Read the title and predict what the article probably talks about.
Allergies increase globally
Which type of allergies?
How much have allergies increased?
How to deal with it?
Why have allergies increased?
Read the article and check your prediction.
III. Read for details
1. Collect the numbers about the global rise in allergies.
2. What common allergens are mentioned by Hugh Sampson?
3. Why have allergies increased globally? 
There are three factors 
The era of globalization has a role to play in the increase of allergies. (para 4)
Environmental factors may also play a large role. (para 5)
Changes in food manufacturing could explain the global rise in allergies as well. (para 6)
4. Why are more and more Americans allergic to kiwi?
Because kiwi is an exotic fruit to people in the US.
5. Fill in the table according to para 6
6. What will be talked about after para 7? 
Work to be done to increase food allergy awareness and to understand and deal with its rise
V. Language focus
1. Find the following expressions in the article.
2. Translate the meaning of as in each following sentence from the text.
•Scientists say that the number of people with food allergies is rising, as well as the number of foods to which they’re allergic. 除了
• As countries import exotic products, people are more likely to adopt foreign diets. 随着
• As globalization accelerates migration, more people will tend to experience food allergies.随着
• Changes in food manufacturing could explain the global rise in allergies as well.也
•The Chinese eat the same amount of peanut per capita (人均) as we do.
• They introduce it early in a sort of a boiled type form, as they do in many African countries, and they have very low rates of peanut allergies
• This suggests that how and when the food is introduced is as important a factor as the food itself.
3. Sentence
In the UK, the number of children admitted to the hospital with severe allergic reactions has also risen every year for the past five years, the BBC reported. (para 2)
红色字体非谓语的-ed 形式作________修饰children. 后置定语
For example, people are more likely to be allergic to dry-roasted peanuts – common in the US, UK and Australia – than boiled or fried peanuts, which are common in China. (para 6)
该句的主干为_________ ; 红色部分是______ ;比较级结构 定语从句

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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