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高一教案 第812期(1)

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Residency offered to the homeless (P2)
吉林毓文中学 赵传彦

I. Lead-in
Have you ever seen the homeless? What do they look like?
Have you ever helped the homeless? What can we do to help them?
Read the title and predict what the article probably talks about.
Residency offered to the homeless
when? where? why?
Read the article and check your prediction.

II. Read for general information
Main idea of the article:  
Key: In China, some cities offered hukou, or permanent residency, to the homeless.

III. Read for details
1. Read the text and find its structure.
Para. 1  The problem: Homelessness is an issue.
Para. 2-5 The method: Issue hukou to the homeless.
Para. 6-9 The effect: The progress made by China in the registration policy for the homeless.

Task 1: Read paragraphs 2-5 and answer the questions:
1. Why did Tianjin issue hukou, or permanent residency, to the homeless?
The policy was issued to protect the legal rights and interests of the homeless.

2. Which rights and interests of the homeless would be protected?

3. Can anyone who is homeless enjoy this policy? Think about whether the following three homeless people can get permanent residency in Tianjin.
① Wang is homeless, but his family gives him some money every year. 
② Zhao was forced into homelessness when his company shut down, but he has relatives in the area.
③ Zhang, who suffers from dysgnosia, is a homeless orphan.

4. What are the common characteristics of these 193 people who have obtained Tianjin hukou?
sentences from the text
an adjective to conclude
These 193 people who have obtained Tianjin hukou are all disabled, dependent and homeless.

Task 2: Read Paragraphs 6-9 and complete the timeline of the progress made by China in the registration policy for the homeless.
2015 The Ministry of Public Security issued instructions for_______. 
2016 ______ is the first city in China that offered hukou to homeless people.
Dec 2019 China has provided hukou and public service to _____ homeless people.
March 2020 At least ____ ministries and departments urged local departments to make arrangements for the homeless
Nov 10 Tianjin issued hukou to_____ homeless people living in the city.
Key: the homeless; Weihai; 13,899; 11; 193

IV. Further thinking
As we all know, it is very difficult to get permanent residency in big cities, even for graduates from key universities.
So, do you think it's fair to offer hukou to the homeless? Why or why not?

V. Language focus
1. Find the following expressions in the article.
8. 满足日常需求
9. 为......安排
10. 就业机会
11. 由于
12. 以需求为基础的

2. Translate the meaning of access to in each following sentences from the text.
By getting hukou, they will have access to the social care system, such as medical insurances.
They have been staying at the city’s rescue management stations for three months or longer without access to relatives.
In March 2020, at least 11 ministries and departments jointly issued a notification (通知) urging local governments to make arrangements for homeless people, giving them access to protections, according to China Daily.

VI. Further information

Homelessness in the UK
In the UK, the increasing number of homeless people is becoming a serious social problem. The number of homeless people in Britain reached 320, 000 in the first quarter(季度) of this year, with about one in 200 people sleeping on the streets, according to statistics from Shelter, a British charity.
The direct cause of homelessness is the Conservative Party's(保守党) sharp reduction of affordable housing investment and the reduction of housing subsidy(补贴). 
Finland's solution: Give homes to homeless people
When people are given homes, homelessness is radically reduced, engagement in support services goes up and recovery rates from addiction are comparable to a "treatment first" approach. 
Even more impressive is that there are overall savings for government, as people's use of emergency health services and the criminal justice system is lessened. 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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