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初二教案 第728期(2)

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Write with your mind (P6)



I. Pre-reading

·Technology has made life convenient.

  Can you think of other uses for this interface


·Can you guess how brain-computer interface (BCI,脑机接口) technology



II. While reading

imagine [ɪˈmædʒɪn] vt. 想象,猜想 (imagination 想象力)

结构: imagine sth/doing sth 

     imagine that...

eg. I can't imagine life without the children now.

Close your eyes and imagine (that) you are in a forest.


allow [əˈlaʊ] vt. 允许;认可     

结构:allow sb to do sth 常见于被动be allowed to do

eg. Smoking is not allowed here.


1. When writing “fu”, the robotic arm is controlled by _____.

A. magic

B. electrical signals

C. the human brain

D. caps with sensors


use sth to do 使用某物做某事

被动:be used to do


robotic [rəʊˈbɒtɪk]adj. 机器人的





2. Paragraph 3 is mainly about _____.

A. what BCI technology is

B. why the research is important

C. how BCI technology is being developed

D. how the robot finishes its task


focus on关注,集中

同义词组:pay attention to

          concentrate on


句型:it takes sb sometime to do sth 花费某人一段时间做

eg. It takes me two hours to finish my homework.

注:表花费的词有take, cost, spend, pay等,不同在于:

it做形式主语时,结构it takes sb st to do sth(如上)

当物做主语时,用cost,如The dress cost me 200 yuan.

当人做主语时,① sb spend st on sth/ (in) doing sth

              eg. I spent two hours on my homework./ I spent two hours (in)

                 finishing my homework. 

              sb pay money for sth   

                 eg. I paid 200 yuan for the new dress.


3. How might BCI technology help in space?

A. It might help send signals back to Earth.

B. It might take the place of astronauts.

C. It might help astronauts move more freely.

D. It might help astronauts do difficult tasks.


space [speɪs]  n. 太空,空间

in space 在太空中;in the space of five years 在五年的时间里 


it is hoped that...人们希望...

类似表达:it's said that, it's known that, it's reported that


since 此处意为由于

it is + adj. (for sb) to do sth  做某事对于某人而言很...

eg. It is easy for a whole team to solve problems.


4. What can BCI technology do?

a. It can help disabled people.

b. It allows people to control others.

c. It allows people to read others’ minds.

d. It frees people’s hands.

A. ab     B. bc     C. ad     D. bd


turn on 打开

turn off 关掉

turn up 调大;出现

turn down 调小;拒绝


work on 从事于,继续工作


work for ...效力   eg. She has worked for TEENS since she graduated from university.


5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the story?

A. The recent study about BCI.

B. The bad side of using BCI.

C. The future uses of BCI.

D. The areas that BCI can be used in.



A recent study about BCI可定位到原文Para1-3writing Chinese characters by using BCI technology.The future use of BCI 可定位至原文最后一段the last sentence

The areas that BCI can be used in 可定位至原文Para4-5.

只有bad side未提及。



III. Further reading

Read the passage and answer the questions.

       We are already familiar with computers—computers work for us at home, in offices, and in factories. But it is also true that many children today are using computers at schools before they can write. What does this mean for the future? Are these children lucky or not?                                                              

       Many people who do not know about computers think of them as machines that children play with. They worry that this will affect children’s education and life experience. They think that children won’t learn about the “real world” if they rely too much on computers.

       But people who understand more about computers say that computers can be very good for children. A computer can help them to learn about the real world more quickly, as well as learn what they want to learn and think for themselves. And for the future, don’t we need people who can think clearly, who know how to get information quickly and use it well? What do you think?                                                  


1.  “To be familiar with” means to ____.

A. know nothing

B. know about

C. dislike

D. like


2. In the sentence “Many people who do not know about computers think of them as machines that children play with” , “them” refers to computers.


3. What can computers help children do?

  To think clearly, to get information and to use it well.


IV. Post reading

Present and explain: Imagine future life with BCI tech and make a poster. 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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