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高一教案 第827期(2)

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Fashion in a new era (P4-5)
江苏省前黄高级中学 刘鹏辉

Fashion in a new era
era: a period of time that is different from other periods because of particular characteristics or events
How has fashion in this new era changed?

Let's read and dig deeper!

Read para 1 and answer  
Q1: How has the fashion in a new era changed?
Key: For a long time clothing has been designed – and chosen by consumers – based on gender. However, in recent years, the gender line in fashion has begun to blur (变模糊).

Read para 2 and answer  
Q2: In March, what report was released by Bilibili, a very popular website among young Chinese people?
The views of video clips about unisex (无性别的) fashion increased by 270 percent in 2020. Most of the viewers were from those born in or after 1995, or Generation Z.

unisex (无性别的): intended for or used by both men and women
Generation Z: those born in the late nineties or early 2000s (Z世代:出生于九十年代中叶后,2010年前的年轻人)

Q3: Why does the author mention the report?
Data: The views of video clips about unisex fashion increased by 270 percent in 2020.
Purpose: To make the argument (论点) that the gender line in fashion has begun to blur more convincing and persuasive.

Read para 3-4 and answer  
Q4: What does Eric Liu usually do? 
As a fan of unisex fashion, he often buys from the women’s bag section because the men’s section usually lacks choices.

Q5: How does he feel?
As a straight man, he doesn’t feel embarrassed about wearing a bag designed for women.

Q6: Why?
Because no one has pointed that out.

Read para 7-9 and answer  
Q7: What change did Yao Qing make after she became a college sophomore? 
She cut her hair shorter and got rid of her floral skirts and started wearing shirts, loose pants and sneakers. She began to choose clothes with few patterns and more black, white and gray color schemes. 

Q8: Why did Yao Qing make such a change? 
Because she felt more herself that way.

Q9: Why does the author mention Eric Liu and Yao Qing? 
Let’s see two more examples.
Read para 5-6 and answer  
Q10: What did Jerry Zhang tell CGTN? 
The wearer and the clothes together tell people who you are. Therefore, it’s not your gender [that] can distinguish you, but you as a human being with [different characteristics].

Q11: How do you understand this sentence?
This sentence reminds me of the quote: Everyone is born equal. Gender may not determine your choice of clothing. This sentence pays due respect to those people who may have different characteristics.  

Read para 10 and answer  
Q12: What is one function of clothing and accessories? 
To express people’s personalities and attitudes.  

Q13: What is the key to following fashion according to Shang Tao? 
The key is to learn about your own strengths and weaknesses and the surrounding environment and choose clothes that can help you feel more confident.  

Read and summarize
Q14: After reading this passage, how can we write about our view? 
First of all, we need to put forward an argument (论点). Second, we should mention some valid detailed information to support our argument by using data and giving examples. And sometimes, quoting professionals (引用专业人士的话) can make our passage much more convincing and persuasive.  

Read for critical thinking
Q15: What is your understanding of fashion? 
Fashion may refer to the beautiful clothes worn by famous models. But from my perspective, it also means being comfortable with myself in my surroundings. It also means the clothing and style we choose as individuals. To me, it is expressing myself outwardly in harmony with how I feel on the inside. It is a reflection of my inner self. Just as the world’s most famous playwright William Shakespeare once said, “To thine own self be true (做真实的自己).”

1. Review what you have learned.
2. Polish the short paragraph about your understanding of fashion.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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