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初一教案 第738期(2)

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Special bugs may help us (P6)


What does summer bring us every year?

Can you think of a good way to get rid of annoying insects, such as mosquitoes? How would you do it?


While reading

These little bugs can be very annoying (烦人的)


搭配:be annoyed at因…而恼怒

如:That annoying cat makes me annoyed.


When they mate (交配) with female mosquitoes (which do bite), a special gene (基因) stops the female from making female mosquito babies. This means no more female mosquitoes will be born.  So this will stop them from spreading disease.


even make us sick.

a special gene (基因) stops the female from making female mosquito babies.


1. make的意思是“使、使得”时,一般用于“make + 宾语 + 宾补”这种结构,常用的句型是:


(1) make + sb. / sth. + adj. 意为“使某人或某物处于某种状态”。

例如: The news made him happy.


2. make的意思是“做、制造、制作”时,常用的句型是:

(1) make sth. (to do sth.) 意为“制造某物”。例如:

She can make kites. 她会制作风筝。

(2) make sb. sth. / make sth. for sb. 意为“为某人制作某物”。例如: His mother made him a beautiful coat. / His mother made a beautiful coat for him.

(3) 被动语态中常用be made of / from, be made in, be made by等短语来表示“……是由……制成的”,“……是在……制成的”和“……是被……制成的”。例如:

Wine is made from grapes. 酒是由葡萄酿制成的。


But a British company is trying to stop them from bothering us.

This will stop them from spreading disease.


1try to do sth.尽力做某事;

try one's best to do sth.尽某人最大努力做某事

try doing sth. 尝试做某事


She will try to learn English.

Try knocking at the back door if nobody answers you at the front door.


2. 阻止某人做某事

astop sb. from doing sth.

bprevent sb from doing sth

ckeep sb from doing sth



This means no more female mosquitoes will be born.

1no more不再

2、英语动词有两种语态,主动语态和被动语态。主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者,被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者。如: They will build a new bridge over the river. (主动)A new bridge will be built over the river. (被动

英语的被动语态用助动词be + 及物动词的过去分词构成。



1. Rice is grown(grow) in the south.

2. A new deal was agreed(agree) on by both sides.

3. Plenty of jobs will be given (give) to graduates.


Some people are worried about this.

be worried about sth.担心,强调的是状态。

My son hasnt returned home yet. I am worried about him

worry about 担心,强调的是动作。

Dont worry about me. Ill be all right.



people dont know if it will harm (危害) the environment.


eg.    If it doesn’t rain, we will have a picnic next Sunday.


 eg.    She asked if whether I like it


·Oxitec should provide more information about its technology.  


2provide sb. with sth. =provide sth. for sb.,“为某人提供某物


例如: Mr Smith provided food for us.


= Mr Smith provided us with food. 史密斯先生为我们提供食物。


Further reading

Read the passage and answer the questions.

    We know the mosquito very well. Mosquitoes are everywhere. They can be found all over the world and there are more than 2,500 kinds of them.

No one likes mosquitoes. But the mosquito might decide that she likes you. She? Yes, she. Its true that male mosquitos dont bite () and only the female mosquito bites because she needs blood to lay eggs. She is always looking for animals to bite.


        If she likes what she finds, she bites. But if she doesn’t like your blood, she will go to someone else for more delicious blood. Next time a mosquito bites you, just remember you are chosen. You’re different from the others!  If the mosquito likes you, she lands on your body without letting you know. She bites you so quickly and quietly that you may not feel anything. After she bites, you will feel an itch () on your body because she puts something in your blood when she feeds. By the time the itching begins, she has already flown away.                         


       And then what happens? Well, after her delicious dinner, the mosquito feels tired. She just wants to find a place to rest. There, on a leaf or a wall, she begins to lay hundreds of eggs. (End)



1. “Mosquito” means _____ in Chinese.

A. 苍蝇      B. 蜻蜓 

C. 跳蚤      D. 蚊子


2. We know mosquitoes very well because _________.

A. they can be found easily    B. they fly here and there

C. there are many kinds of them   D. they can fly



Search online for information about bugs you don’t like. See if you can figure out a way to stop them from bothering you.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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