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高一教案 第843期(4版)

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Adventures under the sea
山东省烟台第二中学  柳力文

I. Lead-in: brainstorming
Have you ever thought about going on an adventure under the sea? What can we do, and what can we see there? 

II. Read for main idea
Read the article quickly, and find its topic sentence.
Usually we can find a topic sentence that introduces the main idea of an article.
•The travel industry has made great strides (进展) in creating aquatic hotspots (水中热点).

III. Read for structure
Look through the article and summarize the main idea of each paragraph. 
Pay attention to:
①transitional expressions (过渡和衔接性的表达);
②key words or repetitive (反复出现的) words in each paragraph.
Para    Key words    Main idea
Para. 1    deep sea adventure    Introduction to the topic of deep sea adventure
Para. 2    submarine     One sector of underwater tourism: renting submarines 
Para. 3    art    Other sectors: combining underwater tourism with art tourism
Para. 4    protecting     Underwater exploration brings more awareness to the importance of protecting oceans and the animal life 

IV. Think and share
Read the article and think about the following questions.
1.What kind of underwater adventure impresses you most? Why?
2.How do you understand British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor’s words?
“Most people just see the surface of the ocean and it is hard to think of something so plain and enormous as fragile (脆弱的). We don’t regard our oceans as sacred (神圣的) and we should.” From the words, we need to know that the sea is a delicate ecosystem and easily damaged. We need to respect and protect the sea and marine (海洋) life.
3. What consequences (后果,影响) will the emerging (新兴的) underwater tourism bring about?
Underwater tourism can have an impact on marine life and cause a major disturbance to the delicate environment. 
•More income
•more investment opportunities and jobs
•a better understanding of the ocean
•more efforts in sustainable (可持续) development and oceanic protection

V. Language study
1.Every day people board planes, get on trains and   (ready)   themselves for an adventure. (为…做好准备)
ready此处为v. ready sb/yourself/sth (for sth) 作好…的准备
2.     (staffed)    (staff) with a captain, a personal chef and a butler (管家), Oliver’s Travels’ submarine, the Lovers Deep, is a unique resort. 
3.  (In addition to)    (除了) a great view of sea life, a reservation (保留地) here comes with a free pizza       (delivered)     (deliver) to your underwater door.
4.  Underwater archaeological (考古的) sites have also become popular destinations, such as the ones in Kas, Turkey,     (where)     people can visit sunken cities, amphorae (双耳酒罐) fields and Lycian rock tombs.

VI. Presentation
Write a speech about underwater tourism, and give a presentation in the next class! 
• the popularity of underwater tourism
• things that you want to try under the sea
• consequences
• conclusion

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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