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高一教案 第843期(6版)

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2021-22学年度第5-6期总第843期 (6版) Cloning Camels (Page 6)      
安徽省宁国中学  秦迎
I. Lead-in 
When we talk about “ships of the desert”, what comes to your mind? 
II. Title Prediction: Cloning Camels Who cloned camels? Why do people clone camels? What advantages or disadvantages does cloning camels have?  
III. Skimming
Read the article quickly and find the main idea of the text. 
Camels, ships of the desert, are now racing champions, high milk-producing animals and winners of beauty contests with the help of reproductive biotechnology in the United Arab Emirates, which causes concerns. 
IV. Read for structure  
V. Read for details    1. What can camels be used for in the United Arab Emirates?   Besides a means of transportation, camels there are also beauty pageant contestants. They also produce milk.

2. Why are camels cloned there? According to the text, we can see two reasons. The first reason is that camels are beauty pageant contestants but not all of them meet the strict criteria. The other reason is that many customers want to reproduce camels that produce large amounts of milk. 
3. How are these camels priced? The price of a camel is decided by its beauty, health and how well-known the breed is. 
4. What concerns come with cloning animals?  Continued use of cloning technology could result in extinction of species via “genetic bottleneck”.  What's more, cloning is costly and hard to get right. 
VI. Language study 
Can you paraphrase these sentences?  1. We have so much demand for cloning camels that we are not able to keep up.  We are unable to keep up with the amount of cloned camels requested.

2. From the minute Injaz was born, there was no going back. After the first cloning camel was born, nothing could be done to stop the popularity of clone camels. 
Find useful words and expressions in the text and work out their meanings. be blessed with                赋有(能力等) turn to                       求助 the most popular order           最受欢迎的订单 driver                        驱动因素 an average of                  平均 high milk-producing animals      高产奶量的动物 come with                     伴随…发生 end in failure                  以失败告终  VII. Assignment  Write a short passage to talk about your thoughts on cloning technology. Use the following words or phrases. be blessed with,keep up,produce,driver,concern,end in  


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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