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初三教案 第667期(1)

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Astronauts make heroic trip home (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

·1. Have you ever imaged what life is like on a space station?

·2. What preparations do you think should be made to be an astronaut?


II. While reading

land  n. 陆地  v.着陆

landing  n. 着陆

touch down: come or bring (a plane) to a landing


1. “Be smooth” in Paragraph 2 probably means _____.

A. get over

B. go well

C. drop off

D. turn around


in good health  身体健康

so...that... 如此...,以至于.....

see sb doing sth 看到某人正在做某事

play with sth ( a toy, basketball...) ...(玩具,篮球...


challenge  v./n.挑战 --- challenging  adj. 富有挑战性的

Real gold fears no fire. 真金不怕火炼。


lose touch with... ...失去联系


2. From paragraphs 4-5, we know that _____.

A. the return journey was dangerous

B. the return journey was smooth

C. there were mistakes during the return

D. the craft caught fire on the way back


at the time 在那时,那时候

at +速度 ; at a speed of... ...的速度

turn over 翻过来

directly land & slow down gradually 副词修饰动词


prevent … from doing sth 阻止……做某事


3. Two parachutes were used to _____.

A. prevent one of them from failing to work

B. prevent the main parachute from turning over

C. test the speed of the spacecraft

D. slow down the spacecraft quickly


4. The return of the Shenzhou XII can be described as _____.

A. easy                                  

B. unsafe   

C. hopeless             

D. successful


Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

5. However, there were dangerous and challenging parts that you might not know about the landing.



6. More dangerously, the astronauts experienced a blackout period, which was caused by the heating.



III. Words in use

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words.

1. Pollution prevents people from ____ (see) objects in the sky.

2. Mike found a _______ (challenge) job as a computer programmer.

3. Regular exercise can keep you ____ good health.

4. To be healthy, we should exercise ______ (regular).

5. Light travels faster than sound _____ the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second.


IV. Further reading

Read the passage and answer the questions.

   Becoming an astronaut and exploring the universe seems like a dream that most likely won‘t come true due to the rigorous requirements of the job. However, the new criteria for astronaut selection in China could close the gap between ordinary people and space.                                  

   Here are some basic requirements you need to fit if you want to be an astronaut in China. 

   First of all, an astronaut must have a height between 1.6 meters and 1.72 meters (5.2 feet and 5.64 feet) and weigh between 55 kilograms and 70 kilograms (121 pounds and 154 pounds) in order to fit in the cabin of spacecraft and consume less fuel. 

   To cope with various unpredictable situations in space, an astronaut should have a perfect physical condition. A series of tests on cardiac function, central nervous system function and visual performances are required.

   In addition, candidates also need to go through exams in balancing and bearing capacities in low pressure and gravity, according to the Ministry of National Defense of China. 

   The first group of astronauts in China consists of 14 male soldiers, including Yang Liwei, with the average age of 42. The average age dropped to 35 in the second group of seven astronauts, who were all pilots from the air force, and two of them were female, according to the China Space Report.

   The standard for being an astronaut for the third group is much lower than before in terms of both identity and physical condition, indicating that more ordinary people could have the opportunity to explore the universe in the future.                               



1. Li Hua is 1.8 meters and 65 kilograms. Could he be a Chinese astronaut?



2. What physical tests are now required for someone to be an astronaut?



3. What's the average age of the second group of astronauts?



V. Post reading

   To be an astronaut is a wonderful dream. What's your dream job? To achieve it, what preparations do you need to you make?



II. 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. D

5. 然而,关于这次着陆,有一些可能你不知道的危险的具有挑战性的部分。

6. 更危险的是,宇航员们经历了一个黑障期,这个黑障期是由高温造成的。

III. 1. seeing 2. challenging 3. in 4. regularly 5. at

IV. 1. No, he can't.

2. Tests on cardiac function, central nervous system function and visual performances are required. In addition,exams in balancing and bearing capacities in low pressure and gravity are also required.

3. 35 years old.




本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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