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初二教案 第751期(1)

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Open our hearts to refugees (P4-5)

Warm up

Have you ever heard the latest news?

Nobel Prize winners were announced recently.


What do you know about the Nobel Prize?

It was founded in 1895 as part of the legacy of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a Swedish chemist and inventor of the explosive, nitroglycerin (硝酸甘油).



What do you know about Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize in Physics

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences



Why did Abdulrazak Gurnah win the Nobel Prize in Literature?


Fast reading

What is the title of the passage?

Open our hearts to refugees.


What is the title of the passage?

Open our hearts to refugees.

Why did Abdulrazak Gurnah win 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature?

Because his books tell the stories of refugees.


Think and Say

Do you want to learn something about him?

What do you want to know?


Careful reading

Read the first paragraph and answer the questions.

1. Who is Abdulrazak Gurnah?

    He is a Tanzanian (adj. 坦桑尼亚) writer / a writer in Tanzania (n.).

2. Why is he helping people know more about refugees’ stories?

    Because the world has many refugees, but we usually hear little about their lives.


Read Paragraph 2 & 3 and answer the questions.

1. What is his writing mainly about?

    The impact of colonialism and the experiences of refugees.

 2. Why does he care so much about that?

 The problems refugees face.

The experiences Gurnah had.


Read Paragraph 4 and choose the best answer.


What do people think of his works?

His works have touched millions worldwide and shine a light on human experiences that are so often ignored.

People get to know more about refugees in the world and  start to open their hearts to them.


1. What is Paradise about?

A. What Gurnah saw during World War I.

B. How war leads to disease and slavery.

C. The experiences of an African boy.

D. The beauty of East Africa.


2. What might be Gurnah’s hope?

A. To keep refugees in their own countries.

B. To experience the life of a refugee.

C. To make Africa more beautiful.

D. To help deal with the refugee problem.


3. Which is correct about the life of Gurnah?

A. All his works are long stories.

B. He wrote many novels in Tanzania.

C. One of his parents is British.

D. He once worked at a university in the UK.


Exercise 2 : words in use

Complete the sentences by using the words in the box.

deal with        in fact            know about     close to             grow up

1. They moved to England many years ago. But ______, none of them can speak English well.

2. She walks to school every day because her home _______ it.

3. Kate was in a hurry to ________, eager for knowledge and experience.

4. What do we ________ the animals in danger?

5. – How do you _________ the problems?

  – I can ask my parents for some help.


Exercise 3: Translate the sentences.

1. When he was just 18, Gurnah was forced to leave his home country as a refugee.

2. Yusuf was sold to a traveling trader to pay a debt (债务).

3. The head of the universitys School of English said that Gurnahs works have touched millions worldwide and shine a light on human experiences that are so often ignored (忽略).




After reading, make a poster and introduce Abdulrazak Gurnah.




Exercise 2

1. in fact   2. is close to   3. grow up   4. know about   5. deal with


Exercise 3: Translate the sentences.

1. 18岁时,古尔纳被迫作为难民离开祖国。

2. 优素福被他的父亲卖给一个旅行商人用以还债 

3. 该校英语学院院长表示,古尔纳的作品“感动了全世界数百万人,并让人们看到了经常被忽视的人类经历。




本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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