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高三教案 第633期

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Day to appreciate what we have (PIII)
Integrated reading and writing
江苏省南菁高级中学高中英语“读写结合”课题组   秦虞
Warming up
Show different food pictures to arouse students’ interest in the topic.  
Reading task 1 --- Check answers.
Check the answers to the questions in the “Before class” section.
Q1. Why is food so important to human beings?
Because alongside air and water, food is a necessity for human beings to survive and thrive. And it’s even a lot more than that. Nowadays, for most people in the world’s wealthiest countries, food is a hobby, an enthusiasm, and even something fashionable. 
Q2. When is World Food Day and what is its purpose?
World Food Day, started in 1979, is held each year by the United Nations on Oct 16. It is celebrated to remind people not to waste food and to fight hunger.
Q3. . Fill in the blanks based on the article.
1. _________of foodFood is a 2. _________ for human beings to survive and thrive. Someone said that the most intimate 3. _________ we will ever have is between our bodies and our food.
For most people in the wealthiest countriesFood is a 4. ______, an enthusiasm, and even something fashionable.
For people in  5. ________More food is needed for their   6. _______ as people there are starving. Some of them are even dying because of terrible 7. _______. 
For families on low incomes in developed nationsThey are forced to use 8. _________.
Improper attitudeA lot of people take food 9. _________.
Proper attitudeWe should feel humble and 10. _________ what we have.
Key: 1. Importance 2. necessity 3. relationship 4. hobby     
      5. Kenya       6. survival7. droughts 8. food banks 
      9. for granted10. appreciate
Reading task 2 --- Structure
Reading task 3 --- Writing skills
Critical thinking
According to a survey, every year, on average, one person throws out 50 kg of food which is still edible, a third of which is packaged products. What do you think we could do to reduce food waste?
1) Do not order too much in a restaurant. If you cannot eat all the food you ordered, take the rest of it home.
2) Don’t be too picky about food. Some food may not taste great, but your body needs it.
3) Keep an eye on what food you have at home. Don’t buy too much, especially vegetables and fruit.
Writing task --- overview
Writing task --- structure 
Writing task --- sample  
本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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