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高三春季合刊Audio learners on the rise (P6)

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Audio learners on the rise (P6)
江苏省常熟市中学  薛佳玮

I. Lead-in 

What is a podcast? 
A podcast is an audio file, similar to a radio broadcast, that can be downloaded and listened to on a smart device. 

Fast reading 

II. Detailed reading 
Part 1 
1. What problem do many of us encounter? 
Many people have to stare at a computer screen for hours straight  to review  classes. 

2. What is author’s advice to solve the problem? 
Learning via a podcast. 

Part 2 
1. Why do podcasts appeal to young Chinese people? 
They would like to enjoy the peace and power of learning through sound. 

2. Why does the author mention Ximalaya in the third paragraph? 
To demonstrate the popularity of podcasts in China. 

Part 3 
1. What is the main aim of the audio program Please Listen? 
A. To help audiences ease their worries. 
B. To amuse audiences in different ways. 
C. To allow audiences to comment on current affairs. 
D. To give audiences a platform to acquire knowledge. 

2. Why does Pan Aijuan think podcasts are friendly to listeners? 
A. They can accompany listeners in different circumstances. 
B. They provide listeners with a sea of information. 
C. Their content usually follows a flexible structure. 
D. It is quite easy to draw a conclusion from a podcast. 

3. How can podcasts influence people’s personalities, according to the text? 
A. They can make people more cheerful.  
B. They can make people more patient. 
C. They can make people lose their temper more  easily. 
D. They can help break the habit of insulting people online. 

Key: ACB

Part 4 
The author has a ________ attitude toward podcasts. 
Negative ?
Positive ? 
Neutral ?
Indifferent ? 

Key: Positive

III. Post-reading
Fill in the blanks:
      Podcasts, which  1. _____ to diverse audio programs on different audio platforms, have become 2. ____ among young Chinese people. Ximalaya, 3. _______ (establish) in 2012, is China’s largest online audio platform and 4. _________ (witness) a sharp increase of subscribers in the past years. There are two main reasons 5. ____ the popularity of the format - the 6. _________ (emerge) of domestic online radio platforms and the 7. _________ brought by smart devices. 8. ________ (addition), podcasts give people a platform to talk about important issues, and they usually follow a 9. ______ structure. What’s more, podcasts tend to make people more 10. _____ as they train people to first listen to others before offering their own views. Due to these advantages, podcasts are going be the mainstream in China. 


Critical thinking:
Will podcasts change your life or revision? How? 

IV. Language focus
1. Are you fed up with staring at a computer screen for hours straight, just to review your classes? 
be fed up with sth 厌倦,厌烦 
同义词组:be tired of; be bored with; be sick of 
straight  adv.  (without interruption) 连续不断地,接连地 
E.g.:They had been working for 16 hours straight. 

2. It’s a problem that many of us encounter. 
释义: 这是许多人都会遭遇的一个问题。
主句为___________________, that 引导_____ 从句, 并在从句中充当_____语。
encounter    vt. (to experience sth, especially sth unpleasant or difficult)  遭遇,遇到 
E.g.:I had never encountered such resistance before.


3. The emergence of domestic (国内的) online radio platforms and the convenience brought by smart devices are certainly two reasons for the popularity of the format. 
emergence  n. ( the process of coming into existence)
 兴起,出现      the emergence of new technologies
词根: emerge vi. 出现,浮现;暴露,显露 
bring about 带来,引起,导致,在句中用过去分词充当后置定语,相当于一个定语从句 the convenience that has been brought by… 

4. Cheng Yanliang, a co-founder of the podcast Left and Right, stated that “audio programs can filter those bad-tempered people who would lose patience after reading several paragraphs and start writing awful comments to insult others”. 
 ① 本句的主句为:_________________ 
② that引导 ________ 
③ who引导_________,指代__________________ 


V. Homework 
Mini- composition:
Write an email to your pen pal in the USA about the development of podcasts in China. (No more than 100 words)  


本期配套教案共10页:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

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