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Remember the dead (P12)

Warm up

Do you know who these people are?  What happened to them?

They lost their lives in the fight against the novel coronavirus.



Predict: Who do we remember?


Fast reading

Careful reading

Choose the correct answer:

1. The mourning period was held to _____.

A. remember family members and friends

B. remember those who died during the coronavirus outbreak

C. teach students about death

D. take the place of sweeping tombs


2. What do we know about the mourning period?

a. It started at 10 am and lasted for 30 minutes.

b. Air defense warning sirens went off.

c. National flags were lowered to half-mast.

d. Some activities were canceled nationwide.

e. National mourning periods are held often.

A. abc     B. abe     C. bcd      D. bde


3. Why don’t Chinese students know much about death?

A. Because they never attend their family members’ funerals.

B. Because they don’t take care of their pets.

C. Because they seldom watch movies or TV shows.

D. Because Chinese people see death as a taboo topic.


Do kids in other countries learn about death?



Cultural differences


4. What does Yuan Weixing try to tell us?

A. Our lives become worthless when facing an epidemic.

B. The deceased deserve to be respected.

C. We should have the right attitude toward life and death.

D. We don’t need to be careful when facing diseases.


5. What is the right attitude toward life and death?

According to Yuan Weixing, ...


Words in use


More than 26.3 million people in China chose to mourn the deceased 1. t______ online platforms during the recent three-day holiday for Tomb-sweeping Day, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Tuesday.

To prevent large crowds and 2. r_____ cross-infection(交叉感染), China limited mass tomb-sweeping activities this year as it is fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. People wrote messages online 3. i______ of visiting cemeteries(墓地) to show 4. r________ to their deceased relatives.

Tomb-sweeping Day, also known as Qingming Festival, is one of the most important

5. t________ festivals for Chinese. During the period leading up to and after the day, people pay tribute(悼念) to the deceased and worship their ancestors by visiting tombs and making offerings.

The ministry reminded the public to strengthen personal protection and be cautious about fire 6. s_____ while burning paper money during the mourning ritual.


1. through    2. reduce     3. instead     4. respect     5. traditional               6. safety


Summary of the reading




Whales will live on(P16)

Warm up

How many sea animals can you name?



1. What do you see in the picture

They are whales.

2. Which adjectives would you use to describe them? 

big, long, dangerous, smart, scary



Look at the title, headings and the 1st paragraph.

1. What will be discussed in the text?

Chinese scientists found a whale fall for the first time in the South China Sea.

2. How do whales live on after death?

They provide food and shelter for other animals.


Fast reading

Choose the answer:

1. What is this story mainly about?

A. How whale falls occur.

B. A whale fall that was discovered in the South China Sea.

C. How marine ecosystems support life.

D. How to protect natural resources.


Careful reading

1. Why is a whale fall called an “oasis”?

A. Because it provides food to deep-sea animals.

B. Because it can remain under the sea for decades.

C. Because it changes the sea’s ecosystem.

D. Because it grows at the bottom of the ocean.



2. How does it exist in the deep sea?

The whale fall ecosystem can exist in the deep ocean because great pressure and cold temperatures.


3. Is it easy to find? Why?

The depth also makes is hard for scientists to discover them.


4. How many have been found?

Less than 50.


5. What can we learn from the whale falls?

We can better understand how marine ecosystems support life and how to protect biodiversity resources in the deep sea.


6. What do we know about the whale fall in the South China Sea?

A. It’s not the first time we’ve seen it.

B. Scientists found it at a depth of 4,500 meters.

C. This whale fall may have formed recently.

D. It has already become a skeleton.

7. It’s hard to find whale falls because of ____.

A. high water pressure

B. low temperatures

C. rapid decomposition

D. their great depth


Words in use

Complete the sentences using the words provided.

1. This species of bird now _________ only in Africa.

2. What ________ you from joining us last night?

3. They saw a heavy door at the ______.

4. A writer ________ characters and a plot.

5. Does the card ________ any other benefits?


答案:1.exists     2.prevented        3. bottom      4. creates      5. provide


Post reading

Whale falls have several different stages:

  1. The mobile-scavenger stage

  2. The enrichment-opportunist stage

3. The sulfophilic (or “sulfur-loving”) stage

Would you like to know more about whale falls? Try to find out more and share with us.

本期配套教案共6页:  1  2  3  4  5  6

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