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Winged hats stop officials from whispering



Warm up

1. Have you ever seen this kind of hat?

2. Why are Chinese students wearing the winged hats?



3. Are these two winged hats the same? Why?


Careful reading

4. Chinese students wearing these winged hats in order to _____.

A. study history

B. have fun

C. keep distance between themselves

D. work together


5. Were winged hats used for practicing social distance in ancient times?



6.Who came up with the idea and why?

Emperor Zhao Kuangyin of the Song Dynasty made his officials wear the hats.

The officials wore the hats that had two long wing-like flaps .


7. What were the ancient hats’ wings made of ?

They were made of metal and bamboo stripes as frame.


8. Why did the emperor design this kind of hat?


9. Where were the wings added?


10. What does the word whisper mean?

A: talk loudly  

B: talk in a low voice

C: talk to yourself


10. Why did the hats gradually disappear?


11. What do some historians think of the wings, according to the last paragraph?


12. What does the underlined word historian mean?

A: A person who likes singing.

B: A person who is very talkative.

C: A person who has deeply studied history.


Words in use

Complete the sentences using the words provided.

1. I wonder how many ______ would agree with him.

2. Why are you ________ while the teacher is talking?

3. He has set a new ____for shot put.

4. Everyone should try their best to _____ others from polluting the river.

5. Teachers should _________ because they provide us with knowledge.


1. historians  2. whispering              3. record      4. prevent    5. be respected



Natural way to recycle plastic


Warm up

Look at the picture, and answer the following questions:

1. What is the girl doing?

2. Do you often use a lot of plastic products?

3. Is plastic bad for the environment?

4. Can plastic be recycled?



Look at the title and the picture. What the article is about?

What does the phrase “natural way” refer to?


Fast reading

1. Read the passage and tell us what it is about?

It is about how scientists found a new enzyme that can break down plastic.


Careful reading

Paragraph 1

One way to protect our environment.

Ban thin plastic bags, tableware and other plastic items.


plastic           n. 塑料

pollution        n. 污染

deal with              处理

item               n. 物品,商品


Paragraph 2

A new way to protect our environment.

Researchers discovered a bacterial enzyme that can break down plastic.


solution         n. 解决办法

discover        v. 发现

break down   分解

chemical              adj. 化学的

chemistry      n. 化学

create           v. 创造

product               n. 产品


Paragraph 3

1. What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?

A. Where the scientists found the new enzyme.

B. How the scientists changed the enzyme’s genes.

C. How the scientists found the new enzyme.

D. When the scientists found the new enzyme.


uncover               v. 发现

publish          v. 出版

ton                      n. 吨,大量

a ton of               大量的


Paragraph 4

2. What does Alain Marty mean in Paragraph 4?

A. It was too late to find the new enzyme.

B. The new enzyme was forgotten by experts.

C. The forgot to change the enzyme’s genes.

D. Better late than never.


complete       adv. 完全地

turn out         结果


Paragraph 5

3. What is Paragraph 5 mainly about?

The enzyme especially breaks down PET.


4. What does the word “It” refer to?

It refers to the PET.


PET                     一种常见塑料

commonly     adv. 常见地

produce        v. 生产

bottle            n. 瓶子


Paragraph 6

5. What is Paragraph 6 mainly about?

What Carbios will do in the future.


6. What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A. Carbios will work together with companies that use a lot of plastic.

B. Carbios will keeping looking for a more efficient enzyme.

C. Carbios will turn its focus toward production.

D. Carbios will search for more companies like Pepsi to work with.


7. What do we know about the enzyme?

A. It is a type of bacteria.

B. It can break down plastic quickly.

C. It is the fifth most common type of bacteria.

D. It can break down PVC.


Post reading

A global sensitization is necessary to encourage people to choose recyclable products. It can only be achieved when people fully understand the danger of the situation. Plastics are dangerous even when they are said to be broken down. They don’t become any less toxic with break down; instead, it becomes easier for the toxicity to seep up the food chain.


What simple things can you do to protect the environment?


Words in use

Completion. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

1. The city is looking into ways to reduce air ______.

2. The company has failed to come up with an effective ______.

3. It takes a long time to _________ prejudices (偏见).

4. The planet Pluto was ________ in 1930.

5. Plants ______ oxygen.


1. pollution    2. solution     3. break down      4. discovered              5. produce



本期配套教案共6页:  1  2  3  4  5  6

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